7 self-destructive habits that block your path to happiness

People are constantly in pursuit of happiness.

Each day we make choices that affect how we think and feel about ourselves and our lives.

We generally tend to believe that we are making solid decisions that will lead us closer to a state of true well-being, and we naturally search for a comfortable life void of fear and discomfort.

The issue here is that often the choices we make can, in reality, increase our feelings of despair and anxiety.

But you can defeat this negative cycle and start taking back your happiness by dropping the following 7 habits:

1. Saying “Yes” to everyone and everything

We can all find ourselves saying yes to people and things when actually want to say no. The fear of being rejected, disliked, or coming off as rude prevents us from saying no because all of us want to be liked and respected by others.

Teach yourself how to break free from bad habits and exchange them for good ones to achieve success and happiness both in life and in the workplace by saying “no.”

If you learn to stand your ground by saying no, you will naturally earn other people’s admiration and respect.

Saying no does not make you a negative person, it simply means that you prefer not to commit your time to things you don’t feel comfortable doing.

2. Living in the past

We nostalgically dream of the good old days while forgetting that the only living that truly matters is situated in the present. Dreaming of the past can never change the present. And while it’s certainly good practice to think about the future positively, the future can only unfold to become such if we work hard on the present.

3. Comparing yourself to others

While it is undeniable that the temptation to compare ourselves to others is hard to pass by, it inevitably results in dissatisfaction with our own lives.

It’s not hard to look at some people and think that they have the happiest relationships, the perfect job, or are more attractive. However, such comparisons are inherently unfair, because we are all unique in our talents, traits, passions, and fears. 

Try to balance your perception next time you feel the need to compare yourself to someone else. And instead of putting yourself down by highlighting that person’s life superiority, use their success as a force for motivation which can help you to improve your own life.

4. Constantly surfing the web

It takes a human being around 15 minutes before they can fully engage in a certain task. Once engaged, you automatically fall into a state of heightened productivity called flow. Research has shown that the flow state makes you five times more productive than you normally would be. As soon as you start checking social media, the news, or anything else on the web while working, you are pulled out of that state. What this means is that you’ll have to go through an additional 15 minutes of constant focus in order to regain flow. Click in and out of work enough times, and you’ll inevitably go through a whole day without experiencing the flow state.

5. Recklessly spending

Much of the time we spend our money on a variety of items we don’t really need such as clothes, new phones and other electronics, or decorative furniture.

A lot of this stuff we buy just because its fun or it looks cool while thinking it will make us happy.

When we acknowledge that there is a difference between the things we need and the things we want, we also acknowledge that “stuff” is the wrong place to be looking for happiness.

6. Gossiping

People who gossip derive pleasure from the misfortunes of others. And while it could be fun to peek into someone else’s social embarrassments, over time it gets tiring and makes you feel sick inside while it also hurts other people in the process.

There are way too many positive things to focus on out there, and so much to learn from those who are wise to waste your time talking about the missteppings of others.

7. Letting hate or fear control you

One of the brain’s most important functions is its ability to warn us of real danger and keep us out of harm’s way, but constant fear and anxiety can paralyze you.

Fear of failure is a barrier to achieving your dreams, and the fear to put yourself out in the world will inevitably influence the choices you’re willing to make in life.

And the same holds true for hate. By allowing yourself to be consumed by anger and resentment you are falling into a state of animosity and cynicism. Harsh experiences can fill you with pain, but making decisions solely based on it takes away your ability to focus on what is truly important to you.

Break free of your hate and fear by practicing meditation and taking the necessary time to reflect on your actions and your treatment of others. Do not let hostility consume your life.

Do you find yourself practicing some of these negative habits? How do you personally overcome them to achieve more success and happiness in your life? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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