WATCH: The Amazing Science Behind How our Brains Really Work

WATCH: The Amazing Science Behind How our Brains Really Work

To say the brain is fascinating is like saying that the South Pole is chilly.

Even with all of the modern medical technology we have, the brain still has secrets to be unlocked. I mean, there are countless studies being conducted right now that are aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of exactly what is going on between our ears every single day.

As complicated as some of those studies may be, it’s the simple, seemingly mundane things about our brains that I find really interesting. The things that happen without us even thinking about it (pun completely intended). For instance, at its core, our brain essentially has two speeds of thinking: fast and slow. Fast thinking occurs when we see something like an image.

Our brains process the information and draw basic conclusions.

Slow thinking is the type of thinking we do when we perform a math problem or have to process information.

The interesting thing to me is how the two speeds work for and against each other. For instance, in the video below they reference an interesting question “How many animals of each kind did Moses take on the ark?” So many people get this question wrong that researchers have dubbed it the “Moses Illusion”. If your answer tot he question was “2”, you’re wrong. Moses didn’t take any animals on an ark, Noah did. Because Moses is a biblical name, and the arc is a biblical story, our fast thinking part of our brains doesn’t catch the error.

In the video below from AsapSCIENCE, the two different methods that our brain uses to process information are explained with a couple of cool tricks that you can do yourself. You’ll be surprised to see the fast and slow thought process displayed right before your eyes.

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