San Francisco: Woman leans out a moving car holding an AK-47

SF woman captured on camera while leaning out of a moving car holding an AK-47.

On Wednesday, the San Francisco Police Department posted a photo of a woman leaning out of a moving Cadillac with an AK-47 on Twitter, explaining:

“During an illegal exhibition of speed event at Barneveld & McKinnon, a passenger leaned out of a Cadi holding an AK47. SFPD Traffic Company personnel worked up a case, and seized this particular vehicle today.”

Speaking to Fox News, SFPD disclosed:

“The incident is being investigated by the SFPD Stunt Driving Response Unit and the SFPD Traffic Company.”

According to the Twitter post, the incident occurred on July 11. It took place shortly after police reported a surge in shootings and assaults in the city during the first half of 2021.

San Francisco reported 119 fatal and non-fatal shootings for the first six months of the year. 

To compare, for the same period of time last year, the shootings in the city were 58. The doubling of gunfire incidents comes as homicides increased by 16% in major cities across the states, as reported by the Council on Criminal Justice.

Last month, during a mid-year report, Police Chief Bill Scott revealed:

“We’re almost double where we were in the last two years, and that is a huge concern.”

The chief added that despite the viral videos of shoplifting incidents in San Francisco, robberies were actually fewer than they were last year for the same period.

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