9 Outstanding Traits Of an Outgoing Introvert

Introvert, extrovert or in between

Based on personality features, there are two kinds of character, i.e. introvert and extrovert. When a person is reserved and does not open up easily, or finds socializing exhausting he or she is declared to be an introvert.

On the contrary, when a person is friendly, chatty and makes friends fast, then their personality type is an extrovert. If you’ve been wondering which category you may fall into, you can take one of the numerous tests available online and find out!

However, there is one category which falls between these two types. It is called an outgoing introvert, or an ambivert. Here is how, Allen, an outgoing extrovert describes his character: “People believe you are an extrovert, but you don’t feel like one. Outgoing introverts are usually mistaken to be extroverts. On the outside, an extrovert and an outgoing introvert behave in a likewise way.”

Here are some other important facts:

Outgoing introverts:

  • need to go out but have to psychologically prepare themselves.
  • are unique, artistic, and mysterious people, full of depth, passion, and love.
  • might not text back but can sit and listen to a friend for hours.
  • find people interesting, but extremely tiring.
  • love experiences but also like calm and peace.

If you want to learn more about this type of personality you can check out 9 of the most common traits of an outgoing introvert below:

1. Don’t like empty talks

They know what the weather is outside, and don’t need to talk about it. Instead, the outgoing introverts are truly interested in getting to know the person they have been communicating with. They want to know their deepest corners, as well as their most intimate secrets. Outgoing introverts are the type of friend who would gladly listen to your problems, your plans. They can understand your emotions because they are well aware of their own. In this path of thought, having an outgoing extrovert in your closest circle of friends is a true asset. Come to think of it, most of our friends do not pay much attention to what we say. Or, if they do listen to us, they do not take what they hear too much to heart.

2. Don’t like shallow friendships

They will not hesitate to reject an offer for dinner if the other person can’t offer anything more than some trivial conversation. If your friendship doesn’t bring them any emotional satisfaction they can quickly withdraw into themselves and become extremely difficult to communicate with.

If you want to keep your friendship with an outgoing extrovert alive, you’ve got to constantly fuel it with meaningful communication, sincere empathy and genuine understanding of their emotional needs.

3. Live in their inner world

They always have some kind of a talk running through their minds. This is how the introvert reveals their true personality. They are overthinking all the details someone’s told them, slicing each and every word, trying to understand its meaning.

This extraordinary thoughtfulness makes outgoing introverts the perfect friend to ask for advice when you feel you need to. Even if it comes with some delay, it will be well-justified and worth considering!

4. Need some time on their own

After a long day at work, the last thing they would want is to have a small-talk with a bunch of friends. They need some time “away” from others because they want to relax and focus on their inner world. As a friend of an ambivert, you should learn not to take offense at such withdrawal episodes. They may not always call you back, as they may need some time on their own.

5. The background is important

For these people, the environment, the vibe, the music, and the background are very important. If they feel happy, then they could become the heart and soul of the party, but if they can’t feel the good vibrations in the air they may withdraw into themselves and lapse into thoughtfulness. So, you need to be tolerant of the peculiarities of their character.

6. Details are important for them

Especially when it comes to their close people. They want to know all about their character – what makes them sad or happy or, whether they might be betrayed by them. Mind you that even the whitest lie that you may ever decide tell your ambivert friend may hurt them deeply when they find out the truth sooner or later.

7. Other people’s comfort is important

Although some might take it for flirt, these people are actually very kind and always try to make others feel comfortable. For example, they’d rather pretend to like the nothing-special meal in an expensive restaurant than raise the question to the waiter, because they don’t want to spoil the evening of the rest of the company.

8. Keeping in touch with too many people is difficult

Although outgoing introverts aren’t shy and can easily communicate with strangers, they actually cannot handle too many friendships at one and the same time, because the effort is too big for them. On the whole, they need more time to make new friends. But when they do start a new friendship, they put a lot of meaning in the act.

9. It’s hard for them to find the right partner

This is because they need to know their partner very well before they can fully commit to the relationship. Outgoing introverts have two faces. On the one hand, they can be really positive, well-balanced, suave and tactful. On the other hand, they tend to be self-conscious, shy, silent, and, at times, even odd. They can make you feel like the most important person in the entire world, but they may need a little extra love on our “quiet days”.

Final words on outgoing extroverts

If you have more of these traits there’s a high chance you’re an outgoing introvert. It is as if this special personality type has taken the best of all extroverts and introverts. Ultimately, we all are the same, but different, aren’t we? Or at least this is how the old saying goes. It suggests that we all have the same human nature, heart, brain, ideas, opinions; yet every person is different with regard to their perception of the world around them and the way they interact with other people. Hence, it is true that ‘No two people are alike,’ as our way of thinking and our emotions are unique, and this is what a personality actually is.

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