Respect yourself enough to let go of anything that no longer serves you

Life is a beautiful mess of complex emotions and challenging adventures.

One moment you can have it all figured out, and the next one you find yourself questioning every single decision you’ve ever made. Today you may believe you’re on the right path, but tomorrow your whole reality could change in a heartbeat.

Sometimes, this emotional rollercoaster could lead you to self-doubt and insecurity. It can make you analyze every single choice that led you to this adversity. In such moments your mind is filled with negative thoughts that, if not controlled, may even cause severe anxiety.

So, instead of looking through your mistakes over and over again, you could try and think about what can you do to make it all better now. Stop living in the past and blaming yourself for things you’re not even guilty about. Instead, start focusing on your future and the things you could do to make the best out of it.

Indeed, it’s easier said than done. Recovering from emotional pain is never effortless.

It takes a lot of courage, strength, and self-awareness to bravely walk away from anything that no longer serves you.

But you must do it in order to move on and take the wheel of your own life.

If you want to truly be the master of your own faith, which you are, you can start by taking the first step towards a better tomorrow. Make the choice to leave whatever makes you feel unworthy of love. Walk away from anyone who makes you doubt yourself. Let go of everything that holds you back and stands in the way of your happiness. Allow yourself to demand the things you deserve in life without feeling guilty about it.

The journey won’t be easy, but making the first step will be something your future self will be forever thankful for.

And if your fragile mind is trying to convince you it’s never gonna work, remind yourself of all the challenges you’ve been through. Think about all the times you didn’t have the courage to stand up for yourself. Remind yourself of all the times you had to tolerate someone’s toxic behavior only to avoid further conflicts. What did that do for you? Did it bring joy and value to your life? Did it make you happy? Of course, it didn’t. And that’s exactly why you need to start prioritizing yourself more and demanding the things you truly deserve. No one else would do that for you.

The sad truth is, this is a battle you need to fight on your own. No one else will come to you and show you exactly what to do to start living the life of your dreams. This is something you need to figure out by yourself.

But don’t let this discourage you. Instead, it should motivate you to waste no more time and start working on your personal growth. Start nourishing yourself. Be there for yourself. Respect yourself. Have faith in yourself. Because you are amazing in every way possible. You have the power to change the world. All you need to do is dig a little deeper, find that power, and let it move you.

And in the meantime, remember this: You are a worthy human being. You deserve to be loved and appreciated.

The course of your life depends on no one else but you. So, respect yourself enough to let go of whatever doesn’t serve you, and choose to walk away from whoever holds you back. Choose to be happy. Choose to be you!

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