Remembering you is easy, I do it daily – missing you is pain that will never fade away

The one thing I cannot stop doing is remembering you every single day, no matter how hard I fight against it. 

Your image is always in my head and even though nobody is aware of it, I am constantly thinking about you. You were one of the most precious people in my life. You helped me become who I am today and if it weren’t for you, only God knows how bad things would’ve turned out for me. Life is hard without you, but your memory is still alive in me.

Sometimes I feel alright and can go on to have a normal day but many days I find myself breaking apart even though it’s been years without you by my side. Nothing prepares you for this, and even though you get told that it will get easier in time, that time never seems to come for me. I wish that I could turn the tide and tell you how much you truly meant to me. Because you truly deserve to hear it.

You might have lived for two, but you did not deserve to leave this world so soon, and we all miss you so dearly.

The pain I am feeling for your loss is something that I both appreciate and hate at once. I appreciate it because it reminds me of you but the pain is sometimes too much to bear. It’s like I’m reliving the moment I lost you each new day.

You were always next to me when everyone else chose to leave and you never stopped believing in me. You helped me reach for the strength within so I could become the best version of myself. You were a priceless part of my life and I wish I had told you that more often.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t just forget you and move on as if life was still the same.

The truth is, I never want to forget you. You showed me how to find peace and enjoy the little things in life and every time I find myself doing something simple that we used to do together, your image appears before me as clear and real as it once was.

Thanks to you I learned that I could accomplish everything I set my mind to and you showed me how to see the beauty in life.

You raised me well and you gave me an incredible childhood that I will always cherish in my memory, and I thank you for all that.

You made my life worth living and you taught me that as long as I believe in myself I could be anything, and you were right. I have no words to express how much you meant to me and how much I miss you. Farewell, dear father. One day we will meet again!

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