10 Things you should try when you’re feeling lonely

Heve you ever been surrounded by people but still felt lonely? The reality is, you can feel lonely anyplace, anytime.

We have put together a list of 10 things that could help you combat loneliness.

1. Take a walk to refresh your senses

Walking offers many powerful health benefits for the body and mind. Of course any type of exercise has its own benefits, however, walking allows you to explore your town in a way a car ride simply cannot provide.

When you go for a walk, try to take a different route than you normally take. Better yet, pick a random direction. The mere feeling of walking down the road, surrounded by people and traffic, is going to make you feel part of your own city. In the end, you may also discover something new you hadn’t known about before!

2. Do something creative

It doesn’t have to be mind-blowing creative. Try a jigsaw puzzle or a coloring book, make a collage or try writing a short story. You can also think outside the box and come up with something fun and more to your own liking.

3. Get out and socialize

When you find yourself in a spiral of loneliness, you might feel a need to turn down opportunities to socialize without even consciously realizing it. Try challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone and socialize at least once a week. Make a diary note of at least one social activity per week, and plan your time accordingly so you don’t forget it.

4. Strike up a conversation with a stranger

conversation with a stranger

The best thing about strangers is that they don’t know you and they don’t judge you. And even if they do judge you, you need not feel bad as you’ll likely never see them again!

You can simply initiate a conversation with the person sitting next to you on the bus or the person who is having a coffee on the table next to yours.

Talking to people, no matter if they are strangers or not, makes you feel connected, even if it lasts only for a while.

5. Help a person in need

Helping other people eases loneliness because it puts your focus on others. It could be an elderly neighbor or even someone on social media who could benefit from an uplifting and supportive comment.

6. Spend time with animals

Animals are amazing at making us feel cared for and connected. Dogs, in particular, can reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and also help us feel less lonely. If you are not ready to take on the responsibility of owning a pet, you could always get into pet minding.

Ask a friend, neighbor or family member if they have a dog you could take out for a walk every once in a while, or a cat you could come over to visit and stroke.

7. Join a club to meet like-minded people

Everyone has a passion. And sometimes, sharing your passion with other people not only opens you up to new friendships; it may even boost your talents in unexpected ways!

Even the smallest towns have some clubs you can join. If you’re into chess, join a chess club. Or you can even explore new areas like writing, dancing, painting and so on.

And if there are no closeby clubs that are of interest to you, just start your own. Chances are that if you have a passion for something, others in the area are likely to share it.

8. Remind yourself that life is sometimes hard and that tomorrow is a new day

Nobody gets to have what they want all the time, and let’s face it, life is not always fun. This is true for all of us. And if you can be patient with your loneliness, it is likely that by tomorrow it will have eased a bit. And on the next day, it may ease even more. No emotion is permanent; they all arise and pass.

9. Try volunteering

When you’re feeling lonely, volunteering helps you get connected to the community and, by keeping you busy, helps you take your mind off of your worries. There are loads of charities in your area that will be thrilled to have you as a volunteer. You can try local childcare centers, nursing homes, or environmental charities, among others.

10. Bring excitement into your life by trying something new and random

Loneliness is often accompanied by boredom. By doing something random and spontaneous you can easily drive such feelings away.

It can be a simple thing like hopping on a bus to go to the other side of town or traveling abroad to get lost in translation.

This kind of randomness and spontaneity brings you excitement while you discover new things.

Break the chains of loneliness by diving into a random adventure.

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know if there any important tips we may have missed in the comment section below.

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