10 Important Things To Make a Relationship Last

When you see an old couple holding hands on the street or laughing together on a bench in the park, doesn’t that trigger warm feelings of happiness and love in your soul? Or does it make you ask yourself the question: “Why do some people manage to preserve their love for so long and others do not?”
Love is colorful. There is never the same kind of love twice. But what can we do to keep the sparkle alive for as long as possible? What do happy couples do differently?

Here are 10 important things to make a relationship last:

Going to sleep at peace

One of the main rules of happy couples is that they never go to bed angry at each other. Couples who have been married for 50-60 years have been interviewed to prove that this point isn’t another cliché. If you have had an argument just before going to sleep and have not resolved the issue you were struggling with, this can become a bad habit that can harm the strength of the relationship with your partner in the long run. It is a good idea to make peace before you go to bed because the fight doesn’t define your relationship. And what is more important than peace and love after all?

Hugs and kisses

As the relationship matures, many people forget about the simple things that can have such a big impact on the spirit of the relationship. Happy couples share that kissing and hugging always do wonders. They start the day with a kiss and end it with a kiss. Not only does this instantly create a more positive atmosphere but also relieves stress and tension. Hugs and kisses are scientifically proven to stimulate the release of the hormone oxytocin which gives us the feelings of strong connection and intimacy. Surprising your partner with a hug behind the back or a nice kiss after a long day at work will definitely brighten up their day. Don’t forget to share such intimate moments together if you want to keep your relationship healthy.

Sharing interests

When it comes to relationships, what gets us close to a person are our shared interests. This is why it is so important to share activities you both like with your partner. They don’t have to be really complex. They can be as simple as appreciating cuddling time while watching a movie or preparing the dinner together. Also, seeking for new stuff you like doing together can be really beneficial for the health of the relationship.


Happy lovers keep their focus on the positive sides in the relationship rather than the flaws. There are so many couples who prefer pointing out the faults in the other person instead of showing their appreciation for them. This kind of behavior can be crucial for the relationship because fully accepting the other person along with their imperfections is what love is all about.

Bedtime routine

It is a habit of many happy couples to head to the bedroom together no matter if just one of the partners intends to go to sleep or both. The author of “The ADHD Effect on Marriage”, Melissa Orlov implies than the nighttime routine of a couple is very important. Creating a “sacred time” just before going to bed can strengthen the loving bond of the partners and they can become more intimate and open to each other.

The magic of the small things

One day we realize that the small things in life were actually not that small at all. Sometimes even the smallest deed can make someone really happy. Putting a nice encouraging note in your partner’s lunch package before them going to work or preparing the dinner when they are too tired, and walking the dogs out or washing the dishes will be definitely appreciated. In that way you show your love and care for them and that you would do anything to make them smile.

Sharing feelings

What is really vital for a healthy relationship is that the partners express their true feelings rather than hiding them. It is normal if they don’t agree on every single thing but appreciating the way of thinking of the partner and trying to understand their point of view is a must. Many couples forget how important that actually is, so they rush to tell their partner how crazy they are to think a particular way. This has the potential to hurt their feelings which can lead to them closing themselves and not willing to share their emotions or opinions again.


Many couples have fallen apart because of the lack of trust between the partners. Mutual trust is a must for a happy relationship. Showing your partner your appreciation, support and confidence in their abilities strengthens your bond especially in difficult times. Never forget that trust is the foundation of a strong relationship.

Celebrating achievements

Showing that you are proud of your partner’s achievements, no matter how small they may be, is a really powerful way to strengthen the relationship. This way you show them that what is important for them, is also important to you. Encouragement along the way of their dreams is also really important.


Did you know that there are annual conferences that teach how to use humor in a relationship? This is because keeping a sense of humor alive in the relationship is very important. Happy couples also know that they should be careful because being too sarcastic with your partner can actually hurt their feelings and this can affect their insecurity. A mutual humorous outlook should be cultivated with respect.
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