10 Common Relationship Mistakes We've All Made

10 Common Relationship Mistakes We've All Made
For those of us who really want to be in a relationship, we often times find how hard it can be for new relationships to grow and thrive. A relationship can be the best or worst part of your life depending on how you go about it. No one is perfect, but it seems there are some mistakes that have more dire consequences on your relationship than others. So, let’s talk about some of the most destructive mistakes that we often make in relationships, and how to avoid them.
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1) Getting Jealous:

If you find yourself getting jealous whenever you find your partner with someone else, you need to really evaluate the situation. Typically, jealousy is a result of a lack of trust. If you trust your partner, you have to learn to respect their privacy. Jealousy is a relationship killer, plain and simple.

2) Trying To Change Your Partner:

Love them for who they are, not for who you want them to be. When you try to change your partner, they feel you don’t really love them. It is easy for your partner to develop the feeling that you are just trying to make them into who you want, not who they are.

3) Depending on Your Partner For ALL of Your Needs:

Your partner is not there to meet all your needs. Some demands may be impossible to fulfill. That doesn’t mean, he/she doesn’t love you – it simply means that they can’t be everything to you all the time. Remember, your partner has a world outside the relationship.
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4) Domination is NOT Love:

Putting your partner down or making them feel inferior is not love. No one wants to feel like they are trapped in a relationship for a lack of options.

5) Never Get Addicted To Fighting:

Being addicted to fighting is a common relationship mistake. Fighting is never a solution, open up to your partner, settle the issues by speaking things out, instead of fighting.

6) Stop Taking Them For Granted:

You never really know how much effort a person has invested in doing things for you. A simple compliment can go a long way towards making your partner’s day. Never forget to tell your significant other, “thank you” or “I love you.”
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7) Looking for Perfection:

We are all imperfect in some way. So stop looking for the perfect partner and start looking for the imperfect one who will balance you out. Ditch the perfectionism, prince charming doesn’t exist in real life. You are not living in fairy tales, wake up and stop looking for perfections in your partner.

8) Let it Happen:

You can’t force someone to love you, so don’t go too fast. You have to ease into the relationship, so you avoid losing yourself in it. Let it happen, it will take some time, so be patient. If not, chances ar that you will end up with someone who is completely wrong for you.
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9) Build Trust Don’t Break it:

Trust is the base for any relationship. If you someone to consider a future with you, respect them for who they are, trust them, and they will do the same. The biggest mistake that we can make in a relationship is breaking the trust. Once it’s broken, it is almost impossible to build again. What’s worse than breaking trust? Never trying to build trust.
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10) Respect Their Privacy:

Remember, your partner has a life outside the relationship. You have to realize that, respect their personal space, and give them their privacy. If he/she is in a bad mood or doesn’t feel like talking, leave them alone. Give them some time alone and you need to take some time for yourself too, if you spend every waking moment with your significant other, you will ultimately lose who you are as an individual. Take some time to do what you love and give them some time on their own.

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