Relational Psychology: Walking Through The Woods

Relational Psychology: Walking Through The Woods

The concept of relational psychology has always been interesting to me. These tests work by presenting you with a hypothetical situation with many variables, and your answers reveal aspects of your personality and values. I remember the first time that I was given one of these tests, more specifically, that I thought the test was goofy at best. Sure enough, even giving half-hearted answers, the results were spot on. There are many different tests out there that you can take, but I’ve found that when you have the chance to give individualized answers instead of a multiple choice selection, the answers are more accurate. One of the most popular relational psychology tests out there is the “Walk in the Woods”. So let’s give it a shot, and see how accurate the answers are. Get a pen and paper, and take a second to answer these question honestly and I promise you’ll be surprised by the answers.

Walk in the Woods

Imagine yourself walking through the woods…
How Thick are the woods? Is is a thick jungle, or is it a piney forest?

Who are you walking with?

As you continue on in your walk through the forest, you come across an animal.
What kind of animal is it? Is it an animal that belongs in the type of forest you are walking through or is it out of place?
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You come up to the animal. What does the animal do?

As you continue walking you come to a clearing. There’s a house in the middle of the clearing.

How big is it? Is it fenced in or no?

You walk up to the door of the home and it’s open a bit. You walk in and see a table.

Describe what’s on the table.

You walk through the house and out the back door. Behind the house, there’s a huge lawn and in the center is a garden. In the garden, you find a cup.

What is the cup made out of? What do you do with the cup?

As you walk to the end of the garden, you find yourself at a body of water.

What kind of body of water is it? A lake? River? Pond? You must cross this water in order to get home.
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How wet do you get?

The Results

The density of the forest relates to the things going on in your life.
For instance, if you imagine yourself in an impenetrable forest, you see your life as complicated and cluttered. If you imagine yourself in a hardwood forest, you see more organization in your life.

The person you were walking with is someone who is important to you in one way or another.
Seems simple enough, but the importance here is why the person is important to you. For instance, it could be a love interest or a celebrity that you find attractive. The indicates that having a love interest in your life is important to you. Maybe it was a historical figure? That indicates that there is some value in that person that is important to you.

The animal you come across is a representation of the problems you see in your life. .
Was the animal big? Was it appropriate for the forest you were in? If not, that’s a representation of problems that you feel are out of your control.

Your interaction with the animal is a representation of how you deal with the problems you see in your life
Did you fight? did you run? Did you hide?

The size of your home is representative of your level of ambition.
Did you see a shack or a mansion?
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The fence or the lack of a fence around the house is representative of how open you are as a person.
was it barbed wire? was there no fence at all? How hard would that fence be to cross?

The items on the table are representative of your happiness.
Things like food, flowers, or something pleasant indicate that you are happier as a person. Things like guns, knives, or unpleasant things are indications that you are unhappy.

The Durability of the cup relates back to your relationships with the people around you.
The cup is a representation of how well you think you hold people around you.

What you do with it is representative of your attitude toward those relationships and people.
How important is that cup to you? Did you throw it away? or did you hold on to it?

The size of the body of water is related to your sexual drive.
Was it a puddle? Was it an ocean?

How wet you got represents the importance of sex in your life

Did you stay relatively dry? Did you jump right in?

This is just a simple example of relational psychology, and although ALL of the answers might not be spot on – you’ll see that if you answer truthfully, you get truth in the results.

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