10 reasons why you should date the woman who always tells the truth as it is

She is not afraid to speak her mind.

She tells things like they are and this makes her far more trustworthy than the ones that prefer to alter the truth in their favor.

If your significant other is one of the ladies who are completely straightforward no matter what, you are a lucky one.

Frankly, many people choose to avoid women who are not afraid to speak loudly and say what’s on their mind. This may be because they feel intimidated by these forthright ladies and perhaps find them unapproachable. But once you get to know such a sincere woman, you realize how incredibly amazing her nature truly is.

Here are 10 reasons why you should be with a woman who tells it like it is.

1. She will always candidly express her feelings.

This woman is not someone who would timidly hide their emotions. Instead of making you guess how she truly feels, she would gladly let you know what’s going on in her mind. Moreover, when she disagrees with you, she will definitely introduce you to her opinion, and she will use the best arguments possible to prove her rightfulness.

2. She knows how to take and give criticism.

If your partner is a straightforward person, then she surely knows how to handle conflicts. Whenever you’re fighting over something, you are able to calmly sit down and talk things through, thanks to her bluntness. It is completely normal for both of you to have concerns, but what makes your relationship strong is your ability to properly voice these concerns. And this is all triggered by your lady’s candid nature.

3. She’s an open book.

Your woman knows she has nothing to hide, neither from you nor from anyone else. She has chosen to live her life drama-free. Whenever you’re curious about something, all you need to do is simply ask her, and she will give you all the answers you need.

4. She won’t put up with your nonsense.

Whenever you’re starting to get on her nerves, she wouldn’t hesitate to let you know. Her time is too precious to deal with anyone’s foolishness, especially yours. No, this doesn’t make her a b*tch. This makes her the person who will always keep you in check and will tell you straight in the eyes if you’re being overly irrational.

5. She always stands up for the ones who can’t speak for themselves.

Being straightforward also means being able to see the ugly face of reality. This woman knows exactly how much it hurts to be unable to defend yourself and have no one to help you with it. That’s why at any given chance she is ready to stand up for anyone who’s unable to do it for themselves. For instance, in case someone tries to talk behind your back in her presence, she would definitely make sure they regret it.

6. She’s unpredictable.

This woman knows how to keep you on your toes. She’s always doing something different and exciting. Her free spirit loves experiencing new adventures. She does things not many people would dare to. Her wildness will absolutely bring color to your monotonous life.

7. She is honest.

These days honesty is rare. Your lady is one of the few truly authentic people left in this world. Whenever you need someone to help you open your eyes and see things the way they are, she is the person you should go to. Her extraordinary integrity is one of the many reasons you should never let this girl go.

8. She knows how to deal with pressure.

Her straightforwardness didn’t appear from anywhere. She had to go through a lot until she became this sincere person you know today. Her life has taught her many lessons, which shaped her up and prepared her for whatever challenge tomorrow may bring. Dealing with pressure is something she’s used to be doing on a daily basis, so now she’s handling it quite well.

9. She gives the best advice.

Your girl is the best person to go to whenever you need a quality piece of advice. You can always be sure that her words are worth listening to. She always invests the time needed to understand your concerns and help you get through whatever it is you’re going through.

10. She never sugarcoats the truth.

That’s just who she is. She tells people the truth in its real essence, without altering it to fit someone’s ideals. Sugarcoating is way below her standards. Besides, she knows it’s quite unnecessary when it comes to being truthful.

Not many people appreciate her outstanding nature. If you’ve already managed to win the heart of an honest, candid woman, make sure you never let her go.

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