6 surefire reasons why being Single is better than being with the wrong person

Being single is not just a relationship status.

It’s a valuable time in your life when you get to learn, explore, mature, observe, and grow on your own. Moreover, it’s the time when you focus your absolute energy on working on yourself and achieving your goals.

As for relationships, sometimes they drain all of your time and strength, especially when they’re one-sided. It takes two to tango, and it takes two to build a healthy relationship. If both partners do not put equal effort into cultivating their bond, there is no way it could be strong and wholesome. It truly hurts when you realize that your relationship is not heading in the right direction, doesn’t it?

However, being single and actually loving yourself can make you much more satisfied with your life, than any damaged relationship can. After all, at the end of the day, what we really hope for is to be accepted and appreciated for who we are. If your partner can’t give you this, you should definitely reconsider whether you should continue trying to change them, or you just need to go on a new journey by yourself.

Below are listed six undeniable reasons why being single is better than being with the wrong person.

1. Single life gives you freedom.

Being stuck in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries, yet limits your freedom is awfully unfair. That’s why being single is so much better. You get to do whatever you want to, you are free to go wherever you please, and you can talk to whomever you like, without having to explain yourself to anyone. Unfortunately, too many people are afraid of being on their own, and they fall into rotten relationships just to avoid being lonely. What they don’t realize is that it’s not loneliness you feel when you’re single. It’s freedom.

2. You don’t need to please anyone but yourself.

There are no “what if” or “what went wrong” thoughts in your mind when you’re single and you’re living life the way you want to. That’s because you are the only person you need to satisfy, and you know best what’s good for you. Having to constantly please someone else’s needs can be absolutely exhausting, especially if this someone is the wrong one.

3. Single life is a happy life.

Everyone deserves to be loved, acknowledged, and happy. If a relationship can’t provide you these feelings, maybe you shouldn’t be in one in this period of your life. Maybe the relationship you’re supposed to invest your energy in is the one with yourself. When you’re single, you have enough time to reevaluate your priorities, and to pursue the things that benefit your own happiness.

4. Better single, than taken for granted.

Almost every relationship seems perfect at the beginning. You’re madly in love, and you can’t get enough of each other. But later on, your partner starts neglecting you and taking you for granted. And you stand there, wondering how did this all go down so fast. Newsflash: You don’t deserve to feel unworthy and broken all the time! You deserve to be genuinely loved! And if your partner can’t appreciate you, they don’t deserve you. Be single instead, and fall in love with yourself until you find the one who will accept and adore you just as you are.

5. Life is not long enough to deal with someone’s drama.

Deal with your own drama instead. Spoil yourself. Your worth shouldn’t be defined by someone else’s presence in your life. You should find your worth within yourself, and then be with someone who deserves you. Besides, life is too short to waste your time on people who can’t see the beauty in you. So, go on your journey alone for now, and strive to fulfill your life with astonishing experiences and fantastic memories. The right one will surely follow.

6. You realize the value of your self-esteem.

If you’ve been in a one-sided, unhealthy relationship, you would know how being treated wrong damages your self-esteem. It makes you feel worthless and insignificant. And this is definitely not the way you should feel in any relationship under any circumstances. You should never compromise your self-worth for anyone, remember this!

The relationship you need to invest in the most is the one with yourself. You should make your wellbeing your top priority. Even if it means to get a little selfish at times. And when you learn how to love yourself, you will be able to see who would be there for the long run, and who’s looking for something temporary. The right one will bring the best in you, not the stress in you. Let that sink in.

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