A Real Man Doesn’t Say He Misses You Via Text; He Makes Time To See You

A real man does not only like your family by the stories you tell about them, but he wants to meet them.

He is not just liking your selfies on social media. He makes you feel beautiful each day so that you do not need the validation of others.

A real man doesn’t waste his time commenting on your photos. He is concentrated on making you his girlfriend.

A real man does not stoop so low as to be on tinder, waiting for someone to swipe right. He doesn’t need the web to pursue the woman of his dreams.

A real man doesn’t send you emoticons of flowers and hearts. He gets you real flowers and chocolates. And he is not shy to express what he feels, in person also.

Do not be satisfied with a text it took him 2 seconds to send. Wait for a true man who makes time to be with you.

Don’t be fooled when he talks about how much he misses you but is not even making the small sacrifices to make time for you.

A real man shows up at your doorstep and spends time with you.

Don’t be happy because he always views your stories on Instagram. A real man won’t need to see them because he will be with you when you capture them.

Don’t get excited when he sends you a cute good morning message. Wait for the one who cannot wait to wake up by your side.

A relationship that consists of 50% phone conversations is not a true relationship. A true relationship is when it happens both physically and emotionally, not virtually.

Because a true relationship is just so much more than a simple like.

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