Rapper 2 Chainz feeds the homeless instead of opening his restaurant for profit

Acts of kindness are so darn precious in these difficult, uncertain times.

They undoubtedly prove that we still have a significant sense of community, and we are empathetic enough to help one another.

The famous rapper 2 Chainz gave everyone an amazing example of selflessness and generosity.

Image credits: 2 Chainz / Instagram

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the strict measurements the government has imposed, the rapper’s restaurant is currently closed.

However, rather than being upset about losing income, 2 Chainz is using the facility to prepare food for the homeless in Atlanta.

Monday, April 27th, was the day the American artist was supposed to re-open ‘Escobar Restaurant and Tapas’. But as he posted in his social media accounts, instead of re-opening his business, he decided to feed the less fortunate. He gave more than 120 homeless people warm good-quality food and hope that there are still compassionate people in this world.

In a collaboration with his business associate, Snoop Dillard, 2 Chainz provided free meals for the ones in need around his restaurant in Atlanta.

People craving to have a nutritious and warm meal lined up while keeping a safe distance from one another. They were handed out a portion of tasty butter garlic chicken pasta, an item from Escobar’s regular menu, as well as bottles of water.

The rapper’s partner, Dillard, even hopped in a car and drove around the neighborhood to give free meals for the people living in the streets, as TMZ reports.

Despite people’s belief that it may be happening too soon, Georgia’s governor Brian Kemp has removed some of the lockdown measurements, allowing many businesses to continue operating as usual.

After the state of Georgia lifted quite a few of its social isolation restrictions, the rapper has revealed he was planning to re-open his restaurant for indoor seating. But even though in theory, he has the right to do it, 2 Chainz faced severe criticism.

Therefore, the Atlanta-based artist and his associate decided not to re-open their joint, and to continue doing takeaway. Snoop Dillard shared with TMZ:

“After careful consideration, we are not going to open our restaurants on Monday. It has not officially been decided when we will start having dine-in service.”

Hopefully, many business owners will follow the rapper’s example and will carefully consider the safety of their customers.

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