17 Acts of Kindness That Will Make Someone Happy Today

Making people around you happy could be the shortest way to your own happiness! Here are some good reasons why:

-What goes around comes around.

This might not be the driving force behind your acts of kindness, but contributing for someone else’s happiness can reflect back at you, too.

-You won’t regret it.

Do you remember a time when you’ve felt sorry that you’ve done a good deed? Me neither.

-You’ll feel happier as someone’s face flows with happiness!

So how do we do that? How can we easily brighten someone’s day?

Here are 17 quick and inexpensive solutions for this:

1. Encourage.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive when you’re going through tough times. When someone is feeling down, you could always give them a ray of  your own sunshine and remind them of the positive sides of their problem. This will certainly help your friend see the light at the end of the tunnel!

2. Hug. 

In the right situation it could change someone’s day! Hugging reduces stress and it can brighten your thoughts and mood in a second. Pretty cool for something so simple.

3. Give away a piece of your talent.

A good drawing or maybe a necklace or bracelet? A present with a touch of individuality won’t go unappreciated for sure.

4. Hold the door open for someone.

Donate a few seconds of your time for a wide smile on someone’s face- now that’s a deal!

5. Bring a cup of tea/coffee.

Next time you go for a cup of coffee, buy one more for someone from your office/class. It’s an easy way to show that you care.

6. Bring positive energy into the conversation.

Positive energy is contagious! Throw in something a positive thought during lunch for example and soon most of your lunch mates will do the same. Brighten up the atmosphere!

7. Smile.

Even if it’s to a stranger on the street- it will either make them smile back or they’ll just feel awkward. At least it’s worth trying if it’s going to brighten up someone’s day.

8. Just listen.

People feel appreciated when they are listened to and not rudely interrupted.

9. While driving, let someone into your lane.

This could be someone’s moment of relief during a stressful day.

10. An honest compliment.

It works best if it’s for something that is close to the other person’s heart. You wouls feel better if someone acknowledges the effort you have made on something, wouldn’t you?

11. Share some of your homemade sweets.

Who doesn’t like cookies? Or ice cream or jerky?

12. Share something you found on the internet.

It could be your favorite funny video or something intriguing and helpful.

13. Bring your friends’ favorite takeout food.

Another version of the tea/coffee favor is buying your mate’s favorite food- chocolate, sandwich, pizza, etc. If you’re a good cook, why not prepare a favorite meal?

14. Pick some flowers for your buddy.

That’s a pretty easy and joyful way to put a smile on someone’s face.

15. Do a chore or run an errand for someone.

If you’re having a day off, why not help someone with something small? It’s a good sacrifice and a positive outcome is sure to follow.

16. Tell a joke or a funny story.

You can turn your mischiefs into a funny story that can make someone laugh.

17. Share a good advice with your mate.

When there’s a problem you can easily participate in the solution by offering a helpful advice or your own point of view. You can consult with friends that have been in a similar situation. This could really mean a lot for the friend you’re trying to help! Show them that they’re not alone in this.

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