The top 5 qualities of the romantic woman with a freaky mind

The woman we are talking about is the embodiment of sensuality and sexuality.

That in itself is an impressive combination, to begin with. There is really no other like her: she is a caring, romantic soul with a freaky way about her.

Sexy isn’t a shape, it’s an attitude.

Oh, yes. And she’s got that down to a T. If you ever meet someone like that in your life, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. The charm, charisma, playfulness, and attitude that her complex nature consists of is breathtaking. No doubt about it.

However, you might want some more details, not only because I have sparked your interest, but just to be aware of what you are in for if you happen to meet such a fine lady yourself.

So, without further a due, let the ‘Complexity’ Games BEGIN…

1. She has a witty sense of humor

                            “Wit seduces by signaling intelligence without nerdiness.”  – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Sleeping alone is a waste of her sexual talent.

Yes, she would probably say that to you while giving you a hard stare. She likes to tease with jokes because she has an outgoing, yet playful sense of humor. All in all, a woman of that kind enjoys showing you a good time and simultaneously making you feel at home in her company.

As mentioned above, it is a lovely, little game she likes to play but with all the best intentions.

2. She is open about her feelings

Loving unconditionally is the sexiest thing imaginable for this type of intricate women. To be able to sense your deepest affection all the while you feel utterly loved is her ultimate goal at the end of the day. To add on to this, nobody would be as honest and open about their feelings as she would.

Honesty is the best policy.

3. Winning arguments is a sport for her

Maybe I’m strange and perverse, but I’ve always thought there was something sexy           about a compelling argument.”Therese Doucet, A Lost Argument

No, no.

If you think that she is going to let you off the hook easily, you have another thing coming. Typically, a woman of such character is one who likes to demonstrate her intelligence…and debate capabilities. So, sometimes it is not a question of who is right and who is wrong, but more of “how she can prove to you she is right”. Therefore, you can understand why an argument can quickly become a sport in the Olympic games.

She means well though, so…

4. But she’ll tease you to compensate…

“I love everything about you, except for your clothes…”

As I mentioned above, that wit of hers is combined with a certain playfulness which can catch you off guard at times. When you least expect it, she could start showering you with compliments, make sexy comments, or send you a spicy text. It all comes down to that combination of sexiness and romanticism she has going on for her. The possibilities are endless but you will definitely have a good time.

5. She’s the adventurous type

It’s 12 a.m and she tells you: “Let’s drive off and see where we can spend the night.”

Typical for her adventurous nature, this kind of women like to take chances and risks. Moreover, she likes to decide things on the spot and just go with it. Be it an unexpected plan to just drive off to somewhere or to plan a holiday in Japan, she is definitely one to keep you on your toes with her surprises. And sure: there will be many.

Therefore, if by any chance you meet this type of woman be warned: She is one hell of a rollercoaster ride, but she’s a keeper.

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