7 Reasons To Date a Girl Who Travels

7 Reasons To Date a Girl Who Travels

There was an article spread online a while ago under a debatable title: “Don’t date a girl who travels”. In my view it came across in a sort of defensive form “Don’t dare to date a girl who travels, unless you are happy to let her go anyway”. Really? Is that the only conclusion a poor guy can make when meeting a girl who travels on his life journey?

Thankfully not. Here it’s an antidote to it. Tut. Date a girl who travels because:
“Intelligence is sexy” t-shirt?!

One: You will expand your boundaries.

You know this. There is no better way to open up to the world than spending some time with a person who knows something about it. You gain precious knowledge and you will take it in, because it’s not “the wisdom” given by your local butcher who gathers it from daily press release. It’s this interesting girl who will tell you about it!

Two: You become inspired.

Big time. The world will open up for you, and who knows, maybe soon you will be off rocking to your dream destination.

Three: You have no drama dates guaranteed.

Because travelling for a long time shapes people’s character to a very strong degree. The girl who travels, if at any point was a drama queen, had to give up this attitude a long time ago, because travelling is amazing, but demands no mercy. The girl who travels had to put up with lack of sleep, comfort, sometimes loneliness and she has to have eyes in a back of her head to protect herself. She put up with all that and turned it into a positive experience. Otherwise she would not be able to travel for too long.
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Four: You have no high maintenance nonsense.

Similarly to the point above there is no drama if there are no expensive dinners and days out. Travelling teaches taking initiative pretty much at all times and making the best out of every moment, even the most awkward ones. And the girl who travels can offer you all these and will appreciate them too.

Five: You will experience no boredom.

Unless discovering, trying new activities and learning about yourself is a bore to you.

Six: You will have your space.

The girl who travels has a number of things going on in her life and there is no way she will be meowing behind you day by day to entertain her. She will get on with her stuff, not to mention her travelling. So when she is off you can happily hook up with your mates and experience so called “your space” which we – people of the West seem to all crave now days.
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And finally…. (this is the best one!)

Seven: Go to travel with her and you’ll find out whether you are compatible in the speed of light.

Travelling together as a couple is an amazing and enriching experience which in the ideal world will add the value to your relationship. However let’s be honest, it can be also a very intense thing to do. You may not be used to it, especially if this sort of travelling is new to you, so it’s your relationship. So date a girl who travels, pack your toys and go with her for probably one of the most unforgettable life journeys, and you’ll quickly find out whether you are getting the wings from this, or you just wasting your time. And if this is the case, you can always date a different girl who travels. At some point you may both stop at your desired destination!

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