10 Rare Qualities Only Genuine People Possess

C. JoyBell C. provides a brilliant explanation of why people nowadays are not capable of having true and meaningful relationships with each other.

“The reason why human beings fail to create real connections with others is that they are not first real within themselves. If you want your connection with another to be real, then you must first make sure that you are actually yourself, thus giving the other person a good ground to anchor into. People color themselves different shades that do not match their own, and then they are surprised why they fail to create lasting relationships with other people! You must be the shade that you are, because the shades that you paint on will all wash off eventually, anyway. Be the shade that you are, and attract the people that like the real hue of you.”

Finding a group of peers with whom you can genuinely talk and be yourself is a tough task. You cannot always be sure that the people you surround yourself with will be there for you.

That is why we have prepared a list of ten rare qualities which only genuine people possess.

That list can help you determine if you are surrounded with worthy, honest friends and if you are actually one:

1. They don’t place meaning over money.

Genuine people don’t look at the world materialistically. They know that money is not a measure of someone’s worth or happiness.

2. They know their worth.

Although genuine people do pay attention to other people’s opinions, they trust their point of view the most. The reason is simple. Honest people know their worth, and that is why they would always value their opinion the most. So while a genuine person would give credit to you for sharing your opinion about the colors of the curtains or which is the most appropriate profession for them, they would still act according to their viewpoint.

3. They are very intuitive

Intuition is a recognition of patterns and genuine people acquire a profound appreciation of the latter by observing how other people behave. This way they learn how to avoid the traps of fakeness which allows them to have a finely tuned understanding of what choices are good and not so good. And who is worth and reliable to make connections with.

4. They are confident in themselves.

Genuine people are blessed with higher self-confidence because they invest a lot of their energy in the fulfillment of their dreams. Since most drama originates from a lack of self-worth, genuine people are hardly ever the ones to play the drama queens.

5. They take responsibility for their mistakes.

Trustworthy people take responsibility for their actions and wouldn’t blame another person for their sins or mistakes. On top of that, because they don’t want to repeat their mistakes, genuine people tend to always look for the lesson in negative situations or failures. And they also enjoy finding new ways how they can do better.

6. They’re always learning.

This love of learning extends to what’s happening in the outside world as well. Genuine people are the type of individuals who you would see reading, thinking, or searching for experiences that make them grow as personalities and broaden their horizons.

7. They cannot stand fakeness.

Genuine people won’t always tell you what you want to hear–but they’ll let you know what you need to understand. Since these people are sincere, they cannot tolerate fakeness in their own or other people’s actions or attitude which makes them one of the best friends one could have.

8. They’re brave.

Genuine people won’t necessarily be the first to volunteer for a parachute jump–but they’ll be the first to jump with a spare one if yours doesn’t open. Such people are courageous and will be there for you when you need them and are the ones always to try to speak the truth.

9. Genuine people don’t try to make others like them.

Genuine people are who they are. They know that some people will like them, and some won’t. And they’re perfectly fine with that. It’s not that they don’t care what other people think but they’re just not going to let that get in the way of doing what they believe is right. They’re the type of people to take controversial decisions and to take unpopular positions if needed.

10. They look at the bright side of life.

Genuine people have as many bad days as everyone else. But they are positive because their happiness comes from staying faithful to themselves. So even if bad things happen, genuine people know that they are on the right track and better days are yet to come.

So if you or/and any of your friends possess most or all of these qualities you fall in the rare and unique group of people blessed with genuineness. And the people in your life are lucky to have you as a partner, a parent or a peer.

Because a genuine person is someone, who walks their path holding their head up high.

Someone who treats people with honesty and respect. An individual who is always ready to help or to tell the truth without fearing what others might think about it. Someone who knows what a true and meaningful relationship is and how to establish one with others.

Finally, I would like to share the perfect definition given by Crystal Woods in “Write like no one is reading”  regarding what it is to have a genuine friend. According to her:

“Ten minutes with a genuine friend is better than years spent with anyone less.”

Do you have genuine friends? Do you think you are one?

Please, tell us about your life experience in the comments.

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