The Power of Writing – Use Your Words

The Power of Writing - Use Your Words

Excuse me while I hike up my pants to assist me in stepping up onto my soap box. I want to take a minute address a travesty that I see committed every day, and I am sure that you do too. It’s everywhere around us and so few of us pay attention to it: people are absolutely butchering the beauty of written words.

I get it, people want to be hip and cool and fit into all of the idiotic trends out there. But seriously, can we leave the written word out of it? For instance, what is a bae? Is a bae a good thing? What happened to real terms of endearment like “sweetheart” or “dear”? Better yet, why does any man refer to a woman he cares about by anything other than “ma’am” or “beautiful?”

Words are a powerful thing. Think about it, our entire history as human beings wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for written words. Nowadays people don’t even use words anymore. They use emojis and abbreviated acronyms like “LOL”. I get it, technological advances are changing the way we communicate. But why can’t that become an ENHANCEMENT for writing instead of the downfall of it? We live in a time when having an audience is damn-near automatic if you have a social media account. People should be taking advantage of those avenues.

You see, there is magic in writing. Every sentence you type is its own little creation.

A collection of words that was never arranged quite like you arranged it until you wrote it. Every unique sentence goes into a collection of thoughts that you put back out into the universe. There is responsibility in that, and not enough people take it seriously. Granted, I know that I am as biased about the topic as anyone could be.

I’ve got to believe that if you’re on this site reading this rant, you’ve got to have an understanding of what I’m talking about. Because of that, I challenge you to be more expressive. To use these beautiful words that we have at our disposal and share your soul with the world, even in your own small way.

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