Pierre the Penguin lifts his spirits by binge-watching Pingu

Pierre, a penguin at the Perth Zoo in Australia, has been binge-watching episodes of Pingu.

Pierre, the endangered Northern Rockhopper Penguin, is not that much different from us humans: when we feel under the weather, we lie on the couch and binge-watch Netflix. Similarly, while Pierre recovers from a feather molting problem, he has been lifting his spirits by binge-watching episodes of the cartoon Pingu. Recently, the penguin has been feeling lonely as he has been in rehabilitation all by himself in the vet department. For this reason, zookeepers have played him episodes of Pingu and have even managed to live stream other rockhopper penguins all the way from Kansas City Zoo in the United States. By doing so, the staff at Perth Zoo has done their best to ensure that they ease Pierre’s loneliness.

One of the zookeepers spoke to 7NEWS as they said:

What I have here is an iPad for our rockhopper penguin Pierre. […] Pierre is by himself in the vet department and does get a bit lonely at times, and to make his life a bit more enriching we’ve decided to get other rockhoppers online for him to watch.

The video below depicts Pierre the penguin watching livestreams and documentaries of other penguins:

While the video is undeniably cute, we cannot help but feel sorry for Pierre.

Although it is certainly a good thing that Pierre has got the cartoon, penguin documentaries and livestreams of fellow rockhoppers to keep him company, it is difficult not to sympathize with the poor, hurt and lonely penguin.  In addition to the above video, 9NEWS has uploaded footage of the Rockhopper, claiming that the Perth Zoo staff is giving him plenty of TLC to ensure that he regains his health as quickly as possible and returns to the wild where he belongs.

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