4 Subtle But Serious Phrases And Behaviours That Indicate Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in today’s society.

Many of our family members and friends are dealing with depression and we may not even know it. Depression plagues the minds of about 350 million individuals world wide.

We read about depression cases from around the world and try to sympathize with these people, however there are cases we are not told about. Another point to note is that there are different levels of depression, as in some may suffering at a different level of intensity than others.

People who suffer from depression can be masters at hiding it, especially if they don’t want you to see them suffering.

This is why it’s important to look out for and to note possible signs of repressed sorrow or depression. We need to help them get out of the emotional rut and help them see the light. Depression can lead one into a toxic and lonely place for those who think they are alone in suffering.

Here are 4 subtle, yet serious phrases and behaviours people suffering from depression will unknowingly show:

1. They often speak in absolutes:

People who suffer from depression experience life in black and white, there is no grey area. They tend to describe their daily experiences using words like “always” or “never”.

Example; “I’ll always feel that way”, or “Things will always be like this”, and “I’ll never get over it”, or “It will never be the same.”

If you notice that this is what their vocabulary generally sounds like, its important to try and subtly convince them that there is no such thing as never and that things are never absolute. we need to help them see the positive side of things.

2. They constantly bring up or talk about their traumatic experience:

Sometimes they are secretive and don’t often talk about what they are going through, however, if they feel safe around you they will sometimes feel the need to talk about the trauma they might have experienced. Talking about and verbalizing trauma is one way to help heal the wounds that was made. If someone suffering from depression constantly talks about their trauma to you, you should never tell them to go and see a shrink.

All they really need is for you to be there for them, an ear that is willing to listen. You don’t have to say anything in return because sometimes the best way to show that you care is to just be there.

3. They become all mind with little reason:

Sometimes the depression is so extreme it begins to take over the mind and the person suffering from it forgets to look after themselves. One way to recognize this is to look that person in the eye and see if you can see any glimmer of hope, if all you see is fear and madness its time to seek professional help because they have clearly lost all hope within themselves.

They might disagree, and in this case its up to you to try your best to breathe hope and light back into that persons life. Depression is one of the main reasons people commit suicide and if we have the power to prevent it we must try.

4. Addiction to substance becomes their means of escape:

Many people suffering from depression will often have an addiction. I’m not saying all people, but majority of those with depression will turn to substance abuse in order to escape their reality. If we see a friend overusing something to the point where one can call it an addiction then we need to reassess the situation and see if there is something they are trying to suppress. Addiction doesn’t have to be drugs, it can be an addiction to food, or sex. It can be anything that provides an escape from their current reality.

At this point it’s important to help them find healthier options to explore like exercise or yoga and meditation.

While these behaviours are not the absolute indicators of depression, they are defiantly amongst the serious signals someone suffering from depression could display and should be taken seriously by those who are not suffering from depression.

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