Expand Your Brain – 135 FREE Philosophy Books

Philosophy BooksIf you are anything like me, one of the things I continually find myself searching for is intelligent conversation. I’m sorry (not sorry) but too many people these days are too wrapped up in taking pictures of what they ate for lunch and trying to perfect their drink order at their local over-priced coffee house to have a real, intelligent conversation with. Unfortunately for me, there aren’t any highly accredited universities close to me where I could hope to strike up an intelligent conversation with a random stranger. The end result is my brain feeling wholly unfulfilled on an almost daily basis.
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To curb this desire for intellectualism, I’ve found an amazing resource that is turning out to be the next best thing. Open Culture.com has a list of 135 completely free philosophy books that will blow your mind. Philosophy, to me, is like rocket fuel for my brain. I mean, one of the definitions of philosophy – according to the Miriam-Webster dictionary is: “the pursuit of wisdom”. What better way to expand your brain in the absence of like-minded individuals?
I challenge you, especially if you enjoy philosophy, to run through the list. There is everything from Confucious to Thomas Paine. Almost every book Nietzsche has written is on there. There is even some Aristotle if you like the classics, and like I said – they are all 100% FREE.

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