People Can Say They Care, But Watch Their Actions, Not Their Words

There are times when people say things they don’t really mean and that can even lead to terrible situations.

Just because a person tells you they love you or that they care for you doesn’t really mean they truly do.

When it comes down to knowing what a person really thinks or at least trying to figure them out, you have to look out for the key signs. Whether you are able to recognize them or not, there actually will be signs that would show if they truly love you. And sometimes knowing how to spot them can change the course of your life.

Here are the key signs that will show whether a person truly loves you:

1. You’ve both accepted each other’s flaws

You and your partner have made peace with even each other’s worst qualities. Human beings are intrinsically flawed and acceptance is a must for a long-lasting relationship. You are both ready to learn and grow as a team.

2. You are able to clearly envision a common future

Your partner and you have discussed the future and both of you are in it for the long run. You are constantly planning things out in your minds and out loud. You have both boarded for the same destination.

3. You consult each other before making important decisions

You think of each other and talk when something important is on the horizon. And that is because you do not want to act on your own knowing that you may hurt your partner in the process. This is a vital sign of relationship health.

4. You are equals

You must not stand in each other’s way and you have to take ownership of your mistakes in the relationship. Take good care of each other in an equal way and your relationship will flourish.

5. You can trust your partner completely

Your partner is someone you know you can confide in. You do not panic about whether or not they will stab you in the back, because they will sick with you through thick and thin.

6. You never have to worry whether your partner will keep their promise

You will never find yourself biting your nails about whether your partner will keep his or her word. You have confidence they will because that’s what they’ve always done. They do all that is in their power to get what they promised done.

7. You both understand the crucial importance of communication

It is natural to both of you to sit down and talk things through when the situation demands it. Instead of giving each other the silent treatment you discuss things until the problem is nothing more than just a memory.

8. They are straight with you

Your partner doesn’t beat around the bush. You are both aware of the boundaries within your relationship and know where you stand. There is no back and forth in this regard.

9. They make you feel at home

You feel safe and secure in each other’s arms – much safer than you would feel on your own. They make you feel calm. They make you feel at home. It just feels right.

10. You cherish your relationship

You feel warm inside just by looking at them. You do not feel annoyance or any pressure when you are together. You love being by each other’s side.

We hope that this article has helped you understand how to lead a healthy relationship. Let us know your thoughts on the subject by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed the read.

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