People Are Eating Glitter Pills to Make Their Feces Sparkly

People have started taking glitter pills to make their feces sparkle.

  • As you might expect, the pills are not actually edible and can be extremely harmful.
  • The pills come in a package that warns they should only be used as decoration.
  • Consuming glitter can cause serious damage to your health.

An Ohio-based company began producing glitter pills for decorative purposes.

The pills are transparent gelatin capsules that are filled with glitter. On the package of these pills, the company warns that they are not edible and that they should only be used for decorative purposes. Of course, people ignored this warning and decided to see what would happen to their stool if they were to take the pills. Naturally, they expected that after taking the glitter pills, they would produce shimmery and sparkly feces.

Glitter can cause serious damage to your digestive system.

While it is surprising that people do not already know this, consuming glitter can have serious consequences and it can cause countless complications. It is believed that glitter has the power to to damage your digestive system, alter hormone production, and increase your risk of cancer. Moreover, in addition to the harm that it can cause your body, glitter is also extremely harmful for our environment.

David Cromwell, an assistant professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins commented:

I don’t think [eating glitter] is medically advisable […] Nor do I think there’s any evidence that it’s ill-advised.

It is important to note that there is a difference between “edible” and “nontoxic”.

When consumers read that the products are nontoxic, they understand that they are edible. This is not only false but also harmful. Edible refers to something that you can eat and that your body can digest. On the other hand, nontoxic refers to something that is not poisonous. It is worth noting that not being poisonous is not the same as being edible. To stay safe and to avoid any unwanted issues, it is best to stay away from glitter pills altogether. 

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