Scientist are Closer to Proving that We Are All Part of One Conciousness

Consciousness ProjectImagine, if you will, that every human being on this planet is actually a cell in the organism that is humanity. Roger D. Nelson, a professor at Princeton University, is aiming to prove that very idea, and he has made some amazing findings. Dr. Nelson, who holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Cognitive Psychology, has figured out a way to prove that we are all exactly what ancient mathematicians have always claimed us to be: one.
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As challenging as the concept that all humans are the planet are one collective being is to prove, Dr. Nelson has figured out a way to do just that. Through his Global Consciousness Project (GCP), Dr. Nelson has definitive data that suggests that the world’s combined consciousness is measurable. At the heart of the GCP’s burden of proof is the Electrogaiagram (EGG).
The EGG is actually a network of one hundred computers spread all over the world that are linked back to a central supercomputer at the University of Princeton. The 100 remote computers emit a signal of ones and zeros in a pre-defined code, and the central computer analyzes these signals looking for anomalies. The remote computers operate 24 hours a days a week and the theory is: with no outside interference the patterns should be exactly perfect. The interesting thing is that they aren’t.
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The theory is that the anomalies that exist are a result of tangible thought. The data that supports these theories is what is truly amazing. The anomalies in the data directly correspond to major events in our recent history. For example, in the time preceding the September 11th terrorist attacks, the New York computer signal ratio of ones and zeros in the pattern shifted from 50:50 to 1:35.
Scientists know that the signals in our brains are electric in nature, so could it be that when enough of our brains are focused on one thing – there is a measurable collective consciousness? The New York anomalies of September wouldn’t be as significant if similar anomalies weren’t recorded in Spain in 2004 and London in 2005, both surrounding major terrorist attacks.
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Although Nelson admits that there is a long road ahead to have the findings corroborated, the idea still exists that we are all cells in the giant organism that is humanity.

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