NYC man spotted smoking hookah on a raft in floodwaters amid Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Hookah Guy: A NYC man was captured on camera chilling on a raft and smoking hookah amid Hurricane Ida. 

Who is the Hurricane Hookah guy? The internet is currently obsessed with a video of a man showing admirable levels of zen energy amid Hurricane Ida.

As the tropical cyclone hit New York City and caused severe damage and massive floods, one man took the situation a little less seriously than others. Instead of panicking, he decided to make the most out of the circumstances.

In a now-viral video he posted himself on Instagram, the man can be seen calmly floating around while on top of a raft, as if he was on a summer holiday.

But wait, there’s more…

Not only is he on a raft in the middle of a flood, but he is also smoking hookah at the same time.

The clip stunned people all across social media, having them wonder who is this man and how can he be so chill in the face of a hurricane. 

According to his IG account, the man, who goes by the pseudonym Mr. Rotten Apple, is a tattoo artist and owner of Rotten Apple Art Alley – a New York tattoo shop.

Ever since going viral, the New York resident got featured in some of the most popular media outlets and received tons of support from fans, for which he says he is “extremely grateful.”

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