Now Is The Time To Stop Accepting Toxic Behavior And Set Yourself Free

Today is the day you have to speak up about the toxic behaviors of those around you. 

And while the current pandemic situation has surely made life worse for everyone, that doesn’t mean you should keep accepting negative behavior from toxic individuals. Now is the time to cut them out of your life or risk having things get worse for you down the line.

Those who try to abuse and manipulate you should be held accountable by you, even in those difficult times.

You are a good person and you deserve to be treated fairly, just like any human being does. If you are giving all your love and energy to someone, and the only things you’re getting back are finger-pointing and psychological abuse, don’t bother trying to change them.

Toxic people come in many forms but whatever form they may take, they’re always dangerous to our mental wellbeing.

Apart from taking advantage of us, they also feed into our insecurities and try to shatter our emotional stability. If someone has been hurting you in this way, stay away from them and don’t feel bad for choosing to do so. After all, your health matters and you shouldn’t have to apologize for looking after it.

You can tell right from wrong, and yet, you give those people the chance to hurt you time and time again.

Haven’t you had enough? Sure, moving on from them might hurt at first, but sometimes there’s no other way around it. Just because they’ve been a part of your life doesn’t mean you should staynd by their side to take in more and more mental abuse.

Hardships are a natural part of life but that does not mean that people have the right to treat others badly.

Take life into your own hands and don’t put a hold to it for the sake of those who wish to harm you. The more you let others control you, the more you will lose yourself. At the end of the day, what you become as a person is wholly dependant on the choices you make in life. Live by your own standards, not by someone else’s.

Damaging behavior is completely unacceptable and you should stop letting it harm you. Be true to yourself and live as you see fit. Surround yourself with positive people and embrace the goodness of life.

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