Never tolerate these 6 toxic behaviors

Believe it or not, some people intentionally hurt others to feel better about themselves. No matter how wicked this sounds, they find joy in witnessing the misery of the ones around them. This makes them feel superior and fools them into thinking they are better than everyone else.

Getting hurt by the person you loved the most makes you realize some harsh truths about life. It teaches you how detrimental trusting everyone is. It shows you the true colors of toxicity in people, giving you a valuable life lesson for your future relationships. Moreover, it helps you acknowledge your self-worth and learn how to demand what you deserve.

Sadly, it also makes you understand that seeing only the good in others can sometimes turn out to be devastating. Choosing to avoid someone’s toxic influence can break your heart.

If you want to protect your heart from toxic people, here are 6 behaviors you should never tolerate:

1. When they are trying to manipulate you.

A controlling partner can never be someone you can have a healthy relationship with. If they are trying to dominate and make you do whatever they want, they probably don’t have your best interest at heart. For a strong romantic connection, you both need to be on the same page and to make compromises whenever the situation requires it. In case your significant other refuses to step back and always demands things to happen their way, you need to make a serious reevaluation of your relationship.

2. When they ignore your boundaries.

Boundaries are a crucial part of every relationship. But sometimes, we tend to cross limits unintentionally. Still, whenever we do so, we typically apologize and take responsibility for our mistakes. However, toxic individuals avoid taking responsibility like the plague. Instead, they unapologetically cross their partner’s boundaries and take whatever they want without feeling any sign of guilt or remorse.

3. When they disrespect you.

This one should be a no-brainer, but there are still far too many people putting up with their partners’ disrespectful behavior. How does anyone expect their relationship to be strong if it lacks respect and integrity? You should never allow anyone to mistreat you like that, especially when it comes to your so-called significant other. The person that’s supposed to love you the most should inspire you, not put you down.

4. When they undermine you.

When they not only disrespect you but also belittle all of your accomplishments, they inevitably make you feel horrible about yourself. They might be doing it out of jealousy or anger, but whatever the reason is, you should never let anyone make you doubt yourself. A romantic partner is someone who should encourage you to chase your goals and make your dreams come true, not someone who makes you feel worthless.

5. When they make you question your reality.

Gaslighting is a modern term used to describe someone’s attempts to make you question not only yourself but your whole reality. This is a common narcissistic behavioral trait toxic people use to weaken their victims and easily manipulate them. Sadly, the most experienced manipulators often succeed in gaslighting their partners, especially when they play the role of the victim themselves.

6. When they are emotionally unavailable.

If you yearn to establish a deep, strong, healthy relationship with someone, you must avoid involving with emotionally unavailable people. They will never give you the devotion you need. They will never treat you the way you deserve. Instead, they will often ignore your feelings, and when they get bored, they will walk away without even bothering to say ‘goodbye’.

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