Next year, stop giving your love to the undeserving

We are about to enter the new year, and the holiday joy can be felt all around us.

People queueing to get presents for their loved ones, and reviewing the current year while thinking about their New Year’s resolutions.

And while you wonder what your resolutions should be, consider this…

In 2020, remove all those people from your life who are stopping you from evolving.

It will likely be one of the most difficult decisions you’ve ever had to make but don’t worry, it will be worth it.

Stop wasting your love on people who are not deserving of it, and don’t waste your energy on things unworthy of your attention.

Stop giving your attention to people who rarely or never make time for you.

Stop wasting your time on things that no matter how hard you try don’t bring you happiness and fulfillment. Put your faith in those who deserve it. Stop denying yourself the right to experience true love.

Giving your sanity, energy, time and soul to everyone is definitely not the right way to be surrounded by people who truly care for you, so choose carefully.

Your heart may be pure, but the unfortunate truth is… Not everyone will see the light in you.

Not everyone will be able to appreciate the true you however sad it may sound.

You aren’t made for pleasing everyone, and not everyone was made to please you.

The more you put yourself in the midst of the crowd, where everyone can reach out for a piece of you, the more you distance yourself from the love you truly desire.

The more you let other people take advantage of you, the more you condemn yourself to a life of agony.

If you stop reaching out to them they may never look for you again. They might even easily forget you. If you stop giving them love, everything you’ve built may break down.

It may sound frightening, but consider the following.

If all these things can destroy a relationship, it clearly shows that the only person who ever kept it all alive was you. And you know the saying: It takes two to tango.

Noone can be forced to love you, no matter how much you wish for it. You should not sacrifice your health for a person who doesn’t give a damn about you.

Your energy is the most precious resource you have in life. And as soon as you stop thoughtlessly wasting it, you will find the strength to accept the fact that your life is limited just as your energy is.

As soon as you accept this truth, you will start understanding that the only person who will always be there for you in your life is you. You will realize why you sometimes feel the way you do. And you will eventually know who deserves a place in your heart and who doesn’t deserve even a small piece of your attention.

You are not responsible for fixing others.

The only responsibility you have is realizing that it is your own actions that stop you from finding true love.

You are the sole creator of your future, the only one responsible for all that happens to you.

You deserve more than you give yourself credit for.

Don’t worry, we are all just one difficult decision away from having a more fulfilling life.

So, say farewell to 2019, forgive yourself for the things you did not do right, and embrace the next year by scheduling more time for your own wellbeing.

How do you plan to change yourself for the new year? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you enjoyed the read.

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