New Milky Way Galaxy Map Reveals Earth Is Moving Towards Black Hole

A new map of the Milky Way reveals that Earth is heading towards a black hole.

  • The 3-D map is believed to be the most precise map of the Milky Way.
  • It suggests that a black hole is located 25,800 light-years from Earth.
  • Scientists believe that Earth ‘would be pulled apart inside a black hole’.

Astronomers have revealed the most precise 3-D map of our Milky Way galaxy.

According to The Guardian, the 3-D map was created using data gathered by the European Space Agency’s Gaia observatory which has been scanning the stars since 2013. It is hoped that this new and precise 3-D map will give scientists new information regarding how our galaxy works. The New York Post reported that the map allows astronomers to measure acceleration and that it can therefore help us find out how much the universe has expanded. Furthermore, it is estimated that the map features around 1.8 billion stars.

The ESA commented on the data:

The new Gaia data have allowed astronomers to trace the various populations of older and younger stars out towards the very edge of our galaxy – the galactic anticenter. Computer models predicted that the disc of the Milky Way will grow larger with time as new stars are born. The new data allow us to see the relics of the 10 billion-year-old ancient disc and so determine its smaller extent compared to the Milky Way’s current disc size.

A huge black hole is located at the center of the Milky Way.

The black hole is known as Sagittarius A* and the new map has allowed astronomers to estimate Earth’s position relative to it. In 1985, Earth was believed to be around 27,700 light-years away from the black hole. Now, astronomers from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan have been able to find that the earth is moving faster and is located closer to the black hole than it was in 1985. More specifically, they found that Earth is located around 25,800 light-years away from Sagittarius A*.

While the New York Post claims that scientists believe that the earth ‘would be pulled apart inside a black hole’, we do not need to worry. That is, since one light year is estimated to work out at about 6 trillion miles, a black hole located 25,800 light-years is incredibly far away.

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