Neighbours call cops over front yard Halloween display that looks like a ‘KKK lynching’

Daniel Abbie’s neighbors called the police after his front yard Halloween display sparked outrage.

  • Police was called to Daniel Abbie’s home shortly after he installed his Halloween decorations.
  • According to his neighbors, his front yard display resembled a ‘KKK lynching’.
  • Abbie explained that the display was meant to be little ghosts gathered around a campfire.
7NEWS/Daily Mail

Daniel Abbie was surprised when the police visited his home in Adelaide.

The police asked the man to remove his Halloween decorations after his neighbors claimed that they were offensive and racist. According to the Daily Mail, Abbie’s neighbors called the police after seeing what they thought to be a display of a ‘KKK lynching’. As seen in the image above, Abbie’s decorations feature six white figures gathered around a campfire. In the background, one can also see a black body bag hanging from a tree branch. Abbie spoke to ABC Radio Adelaide and explained his shock when the police showed up as he said:

They said they had had complaints from a couple of people in the neighbourhood saying that there were reports of a black person hanging from a tree and there were people hanging around it in cloaks, which was absolutely shocking — in white cloaks.

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