The Narcissist’s Destructive Break-up Tactics Handbook

Never underestimate the breakup maneuvers of a narcissist to avoid falling prey to them.

The end game tactics of narcissists can vary. He may try to win you back if he still sees some value in the relationship so he can continue controlling and abusing you.

He suddenly may start being nice and try to convince you he will change, stop abusing alcohol or drugs, or enter a therapy program.

Out of the blue, he may start taking care of things you’ve been complaining about. He might tell you no one else will want to be with someone like you, or that you’ll be lost without him.

If he believes you’ll leave him permanently, thinks you are seeing someone else or has decided to finish with you, you may be in for a bumpy ride.

Get ready for any one of the following behaviors if you think the relationship with your narcissistic partner is coming to an end.

He will set you up as the bad guy by verbally abusing and putting the blame on you 

His plan will be so sneaky and devious that you’ll be wondering what hit you. He will firstly cause minor inconveniences to make you appear selfish and uncaring.

He won’t be mincing his words when he tells you just how bad he thinks you are.

Then, he’ll get on your nerves by doing things he knows you don’t like and that way, he’ll make you go at least a tiny bit mad in order to use your own anger against you.

He will try to make you appear unstable, crazy and like a terrible girlfriend while pretending to be the poor guy who fell into your web of lies and heartless deceit.

By the time you get to grips with how he’s doing it, he’ll already be on his way out, having achieved his goal.

You will end up feeling like you made a mistake but all that truly happened was he manipulated the living being out of you while leaving his own head held high.

Precisely as he always planned it.

He will push you away by withholding his affection 

One day he will worship and shower you with affection and the next he will be furious about the crumbs you left on the kitchen floor.

You won’t know how to react as his behavior drastically changes and even the smallest things you do make him furious.

And that’s exactly the way he wants it because he is a coward who doesn’t have the guts to tell you the truth. Instead, he will make you do all the work for him by acting like a raging maniac making you end the relationship as if it was all your idea.

And surely you won’t be able to handle this toxic atmosphere for much longer before you walk out the door. While he thrives in it, you will just have to make it end and there you go.

It’s all over and it was so easy cause he didn’t have to pull the trigger. You did him a great favor by pulling it yourself.

If he found another “Bedmate”…

A narcissist’s behavior can change dramatically and overnight before he decides to leave you if he has a plan b relationship lined up. Suddenly he may become unfeeling, withdrawn, hostile, and extremely unpredictable. His abandonment can happen quickly and without any prior warning or indication.

When he makes the decision to be with his new partner, he may do disgraceful things just to get rid of you. And when you’re finally out of his way, there will be no expression of remorse and no apologies because a narcissist does not feel shame, regret or guilt for his despicable actions.

Verbal attacks escalate to physical ones 

If you decide to leave him while he still wants you, his end game can be scary and treacherous. He may start penalizing you by destroying your possessions, strike objects near you to terrorize you into obedience.

He may threaten to harm your pet, a family member or even your children (or threaten to take them away from you).

He may use his own physical size to intimidate you by standing in the doorway to block your exit during an argument or make statements like “I’ll break your neck”, and then dismiss the threat by saying he didn’t mean it.

He may stalk you and show up at your workplace unannounced, looking for a fight.

He may steal your favorite clothes so you “won’t look good for another man”, and terrorize you with endless texts and phone calls.

You could find notes on your door ranging from “Please give me another chance, I love you.” to “I’ll murder you if I see you with another man.”

In his mind, if he cannot have you, no one can.

Never open the door to an angry ex!

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