5 Signs Your Personality Is Intimidating To Others

If you’ve ever been told you have a strong personality, or if you feel like people see you as ‘intimidating’, then this article is for you.

I personally think that a strong personality is a gift, but having a too strong and assertive one can become an issue.

Malcolm X once said, “Why am I as I am? To understand that of any person, his whole life, from birth, must be reviewed. All of our experiences fuse into our personality. Everything that ever happened to us is an ingredient.”

It is the great north wind that made the Vikings

Our experiences in life mold us into the people we are. Chances are, if you have a strong personality, it’s because you’ve had to have one. Sometimes life throws curveballs, and you’ve learned how handle them.

It’s not a bad thing to be one of those people although, judging by the reactions of those around you, you may sometimes feel you’ve crossed the line. Your career may have had a few hiccups, and your relationships may be trademarked by tension. Nonetheless, your independent way of thinking isn’t wrong. It just rubs some people the wrong way.

You might have noticed that people are cautious when you approach them. When they see you coming down the hallway, they give a quick nod and a smile, and try to get out of your way as quickly as possible. The sad part of this is that some people don’t even realize that they’re coming off this way. More often than not, these people have a big heart and are very kind, but their strong personality makes them come off as aggressive or even rude.

Drawing a line of distinction between a strong personality and an intimidating one can be difficult, as there aren’t unified standards.

Listed below are some of the character traits that seem to be defining the notion of intimidating personality. Well, to some extent, at least.

However, there are a couple traits and characteristics that seem to be quite common.

1. You don’t tolerate willful ignorance

Whenever you encounter such type of behavior, it either makes you extremely angry, or it makes you want to walk away without saying a word. This might be because most strong-willed people are also highly educated.

Having done everything they could to understand as much of the world as possible (which requires a mind of openness), when they see someone who is willfully ignorant or judgmental, they simply can’t handle it, and they won’t tolerate it.

2. Small talk is annoying

Conversations that invite intellectually stimulating discussion are always welcome, whereas mundane chit-chat about the weather, or who is marrying whom make you feel frustrated and annoyed.

And yes, those with strong personalities are not afraid to tell others exactly what they think. This is especially true when they are trying to focus on something important and get interrupted by someone’s lame attempt to start a small talk. They really just don’t have the time to be bothered with the trivialities of life.

3. You find opportunities where others see none

One of the undisputed advantages of having a strong personality and a daring mind is that you are able to see opportunities where others see closed doors. Everything is possible given the right mindset.

This trait can help you survive (and thrive) when times get tough. The only issue you will encounter is when others start showing animosity and jealousy of your natural ability to succeed in all of your doings.

4. You focus on solutions, not problems

People that have a strong personality are known for their ability to get things done. They keep their nose to the grindstone and work tirelessly to reach their goals. When a problem arises, they focus on solving the issue. Because of this type of mentality, these people do not tolerate lame excuses.

Whining and complaining to a person with a strong personality is not a good idea. Instead, try to get the job done or fix the problem. Others may find your unwillingness to listen to ungrounded complains intimidating, but they should know that strong personalities don’t pander to weak-willed individuals.

5. Your word is everything.

If you have a strong personality, then you are one of the few people out there who really say what they mean, and mean what they say. You’ve never been the one to break a promise, or lie to a friend (even when you knew the truth would hurt), and people respect you for your honesty.

But they might not appreciate it at the time. In fact, you’ve probably had someone tell you how much they dislike the words you told them, even though you said them with kindness and honesty.

Your honesty causes you to despise liars and people who couldn’t keep a promise to save their life. They say something you know is false and suddenly you start seething with indignation. It just happens. Because of this tendency of yours, you pick and choose your friends wisely.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Just remember, people who have a strong personality aren’t rude, neither do they try to dominate anything or anyone.

They simply can’t put up with duplicity and ambiguous behaviours in other people. They find dealing with such individuals unnecessary and exhausting.

By Raven Fon

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