Mum criticized for dressing her toddler in designer clothes and turning her into an influencer

Hena Paja has been dressing her daughter in designer clothes ever since she was a baby. 

  • 3-year-old Sorenna now has a closet filled with over £20,000 worth of designer clothes. 
  • The little girl has an Instagram page and over 52.9k followers.
  • Sorenna’s ‘mumager’ has been criticized for not letting her daughter “be a kid”.

An East London mum has made her 3-year-old toddler an Instagram influencer. 

33-year-old Hena Paja has been dressing her little girl in expensive clothes since she was a baby. Now, Sorenna has a closet full of Gucci, Moschino, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, etc. According to the Daily Star, the little girl has over 400 outfits and her wardrobe is worth over £20,000. By dressing her daughter in expensive, designer clothes, Paja hopes to make Sorenna a Hollywood actress. In order to achieve this, she has become her daughter’s “mumager” and has created an Instagram page for Sorenna. On her profile (@sorenna_fashionista), she posts photographs of the little girl dressed in designer clothes.

Sorenna has amassed over 52.9k followers.

Although the little girl has thousands of followers, many have criticized Sorenna’s mother. Speaking to the Daily Star, Hena Paja shared, “I have got a lot of backlash from people, especially on TikTok, where strangers tell me to ‘just let her be a kid’ and to ‘stop dressing her up in designer clothes’.” In response to this criticism, the ‘mumager’ said, “I just tell them [the strangers], even ‘if we are going to the park, why not look lovely?’ Someone’s appearance says a lot about them as a person.”

Paja explained that she does not force her daughter to take photographs.

Sorenna’s mother admitted that her dream is to have her little girl star in a Hollywood film. In fact, she hopes to achieve this by making her daughter a famous influencer at an early age. Nevertheless, she clarified that she would never force her daughter to do something she does not want to. “I love picking out her clothes and creating amazing outfits for her to wear; I never push her to take pictures if she doesn’t want to but she loves posing up.” Furthermore, addressing the backlash she has received, Paja firmly stated, “No one can love or educate my daughter better than me.”

All of Sorenna’s clothes have been sent for free by international brands.

Since Sorenna turned six months old, I haven’t had to buy her any clothes because she gets sent them all for free by brands all over the world […] I have always had a passion for photography; I photographed every moment from when she was a baby and noticed that people on social media loved her so I started her own account. […] We received numerous requests from brands for collaborations; she gets endless compliments and loves posing up for the camera. […] A lot of people want to know where her clothes are from which is why we get to collaborate with so many amazing brands.

Hena Paja

Although the little girl’s hobbies are dancing and swimming, Paja wants her daughter to be an actress. “It’s my dream,” Paja confessed.

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