Mother-daughter duo kicked off plane after yelling at passengers to move so they could sit on the aisle

A mother and her daughter were taken off a plane after yelling at passengers to move so they could sit on the aisle. 

On July 15, a TikToker posted a disturbing video recorded on a flight from Sacramento to San Diego. The flight had already been delayed two hours, but, apparently, that was not the biggest issue.

In the video, as Daily Mail notes, two blonde-haired women can be seen lashing out at other passengers for refusing to move seats so they could sit by the aisle. Since the flight was “first come first serve,” and the duo arrived just as the plane doors were closing, all the seats by the aisle had already been taken.

However, instead of quietly finding the seats left for them, the mother-daughter duo tried to force the rest of the passengers to move so they could have the spots they want.


Southwest flight Karen encounter passengers removed. #passengerremoval #karen

♬ original sound – official_norcal_mom

Following the confrontation, flight attendants took action to restrain the troublesome women. 

One of the flight attendants warned the duo:

“We have families. We have little kids. We can’t have people yelling.

The daughter then tried to explain she was not yelling, but simply trying to make an announcement. However, when a flight attendant offers to call a supervisor to handle the distressing situation, she says her mother will continue screaming and crying.


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♬ original sound – official_norcal_mom

A few moments later, another flight attendant approached the women, telling them they could not be making such statements, or they will have to leave the plane. The clip then cuts to the daughter talking to her mother, who had allegedly gotten someone to move and was sitting on an aisle seat.

Shortly after, a third crew member told them their threatening claims were “unsafe” for the other travelers, so they were booted off the flight.

All the passengers then applauded as the annoying duo was escorted by a security guard out of the plane. 

Shocked TikTok users commented that the mother granddaughter should have used another airline company where you can reserve your seat. Others claimed flight attendants must be paid more generous, as they have to deal with such disrespectful customers on a daily basis.

Just last month, we told you about the flight that was canceled after teens refused to wear masks while on board. A group of 30 youngsters decided they shouldn’t comply with the mandatory Covid-19 rules, which led to calling off the whole flight.

Meanwhile, flight attendants were forced to restrain a woman by duct-taping her to a seat, after she tried to open the forward boarding door mid-flight.

Both flights were operated by American Airlines.

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