Moms Need Breaks, Self-Care, and More Importantly, Massages In Order To Stay Happy

Surely, most parents have gone through this. You feel extremely tired, your home is a disaster, the children are running around screaming and all you want to do is to just have a little time to yourself.

If you have kids yourself, this likely happens more often than you would like; and taking a break is probably just an unfulfilled dream.

You’re likely always thinking about what needs getting done, what you will be making for dinner, being a good example for your children and so on. But no matter how important all of these things may be, you will need to take a breather from time to time!

And here are 5 reasons why you, mom, need to take a break!

1. It will have a positive impact on your relationship with your children

Every mother delights in the thought of being able to provide and care for her children. But, the fact that mothers can get extremely tired of their daily chores is undeniable. Taking a break will allow mothers to calm their senses and enjoy some time away from the loud atmosphere at home. Furthermore, it will give a chance for their children, who often take them for granted, to appreciate everything their mothers go through in order to provide for them.

2. It is something that you actually need to be the best version of yourself

Every now and then a mother reaches a point of burnout. And mothers don’t really have the time to let it take over. A mother’s burnout happens when she is so strongly focused on working through the day that dealing with unexpected circumstances arising in between will eventually set her off and leave those around calling her a mean mother. And taking a break can definitely prevent this outcome.

3. It will remind you that you need to take care of yourself too

When women become moms, they can easily forget about their own needs. Their kids become the most central part of their life and their life starts revolving around them. Deeply focused on providing them with the best, mothers forget that they too are human beings with needs and desires. A break from home helps a mother focus on her children with more care and energy. It will provide her with the chance to reflect on herself and bring a sense of calm to her mind and body.

4. It will improve your health

In all honesty, stepping away to have a little holiday break can do miracles to your overall health. There are parts of being a mother that can quickly raise stress and anxiety levels, and when you are consumed by those, your health can quickly sink into a dark place. One excellent thing you can do to recover when taking a break is to find a way to relax all your senses – which leads us to…

The wondrous effects of a good massage

Massage is a must when it comes to taking a break from the craziness that comes with a 24/7 family life. It is known to reduce stress, relax the body and mind, and even relieve pain. In addition, it helps with alleviating depression and anxiety or bad mood in general. It is an amazing prescription for a mom on burnout who is having a hard time with overloaded schedules, stress-management, a lack of sleep, and too much coffee.

It is also incredibly helpful for mothers going through postpartum depression, it can ease bodily pain, reduce swelling, regulate your hormones, and even improve breastfeeding. A special massage can help restore a woman’s body to the shape she was in before her pregnancy and aid the healing from birth by C-section. Make sure to find a massagist who is an expert in perinatal,  prenatal, and postpartum women.

For moms or any other people suffering from stress, anxiety, and low mood, massages have been proven to work.

It lowers cortisol levels and makes the parasympathetic nervous system relax the body and brain.

Managing stress is crucial if you wish to have a healthy, happy life, and taking good care of yourself by enjoying a relaxing massage every once in a while is a great way to fight stress and negativity, allowing you to be calmer, kinder, more fun to be around, and much happier in the long run.

Self-care is the key to becoming the best mom you can possibly be, so what are you waiting for?

We hope that this article was of help to you. Let us know your thoughts on the topic in the comments and please share if you believe someone of your friends or family can benefit from this advice. 

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