A message for all you wonderful and sensitive souls out there

You are wonderful.

Your heart is kind and your soul is deep and sensitive.

You are true and vulnerable. Your instincts never lie to you.

Your beautiful heart is understanding of everyone. You feel the hurt and the joy of others as your own.

You break apart when you see someone in pain. And you want nothing more but to take away their pain and help them get back on their feet.

When times get dark you cry your soul out and you don’t think you’ll be able to carry on – but you gather your strength and do what is necessary.

You cry out of anger, sadness, happiness, disappointment, love…

Love overflows from your heart. Love that is so powerful and profound that it can survive even the harshest disasters. 

Your love and sensitivity transcend into a true power of being. All those able to touch you are fortunate because you are one of a kind.

I know you have thought of changing yourself just to fit into this cold world. It tried to silence your emotion by shaming you like its a negative thing. Yes, the world can be cold like that.

People know that your power lies in your sensitivity. You are not like the rest. 

You are not an emotionless robot with no concern for other people’s feelings. And although you may often be overwhelmed, your sensitivity opens your heart for wonderful things in life that others miss.

This message is dedicated to all the beautiful sensitive souls out there.

Our love goes out to you all.

You are the hope of our world. You are the only ones who can save the world from its apathy. You are needed now more than ever. You can change things for the better, so never stop sharing your love with the rest of us.

We all need your gifts and talents.

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