Massive structure holding up American flag collapses at Trump’s rally in North Carolina

If you do not believe in signs, these two incidents might just change your mind.

  • At Donald Trump’s rally, a giant American flag collapsed when scissor lifts were knocked over by wind.
  • Meanwhile, bald eagles were spotted flying over Joe Biden’s rally in Iowa.
  • Twitter users pointed out that the collapse of the American flag is a metaphor and a sign from nature.

At Trump’s rally in Hickory, North Carolina, a structure holding up a giant American flag was knocked over.

Strong winds at President Donald Trump’s rally in Hickory, North Carolina knocked over the scissor lifts holding up the American flag. Thankfully, the incident did not result in any injuries as the fall of the scissor lift only harmed the nearby building. Nevertheless, people have pointed the failure of Trump’s campaign as the dangers of using such a structure during windy times should have been predicted and eliminated.

People took to Twitter to explain the potential dangers of using scissor lifts in windy weather, judging Trump’s campaign:

Meanwhile, bald eagles were spotted flying over Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s rally in Iowa.

Twitter users noted that these occurrences are symbolic.

Many humorously stated that the collapse of the American flag is a metaphor for President Trump’s time in office. Others claimed that the two occurrences should be viewed as signs from nature as they said: “Even nature knows what’s up”. Whether or not you believe in signs, many have actually taken these incidents as nature’s – and thus, God’s – way of telling people who they should vote for.

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