Man’s proposal goes wrong as cyclist crashes into photographer

Chris Vigo was down on one knee, proposing to his girlfriend, when a cyclist crashed into his photographer. 

Everybody dreams of the perfect proposal. It takes ages to plan out every detail and ensure that everything goes to plan exactly as it should. Chris Vigo had thought of everything as he had picked an iconic location, the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, and had arranged for his friends to video and photograph the moment he proposed to Angelina Rivera. Nevertheless, no matter how meticulously we plan things out sometimes, they do not always go as expected. That is, Vigo’s friend and photographer Josh Rosario was capturing the proposal when a cyclist crashed into him and they both fell face down next to the couple. Thus, Vigo’s proposal had more than one element of surprise and thankfully, another friend had managed to take a video of the proposal (and the crash which simultaneously took place).

Vigo uploaded the video on Instagram with the caption: ‘If you want a proposal to never forget come propose in NYC 😂 highly recommend 😭’


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If you want a proposal to never forget come propose in NYC 😂 highly recommend 😭

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The important thing is that she said ‘Yes!’

Shortly after its upload, the video quickly went viral and people began commenting on the romcom-like proposal. One person wrote, ‘Hell Nah That’s A Sign From God To Abort Mission’ whereas another questioned why Vigo had chosen to propose ‘in the middle of a bike lane’. A third person had rightly noted that ‘all that matters is she said yes’. Rivera had in fact accepted Vigo’s marriage proposal and is now his fiancée. Despite the crash, Chris Vigo and Angelina Rivera are set to get married next year. With this viral video, the couple will forever be able to look back on one of the most memorable, romantic, and simultaneously hilarious, moments of their life together.

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