Man Who Wanted to be ‘Injected’ with COVID to Prove It Wasn’t Serious Dies From COVID

A man who wanted COVID injected into him to prove that it was not a big deal has died of COVID.

On the 5th of August, the man (whose name will remain anonymous) decided to post a picture on Facebook and caption it: “I have a plan. Inject me with the corona virus. If I die then all of your paranoid bullsh*t is legit. If I don’t die then you all are f*cking deceived political pawns! Let’s go! Bring it! ALASKA AS ONE! AMERICA AS ONE!!! 🇺🇸💪🏻👊🏻” One can infer that this thinking was inspired by Donald Trump’s poor treatment and dismissal of the Coronavirus. This idea is further supported by the fact that the man had tattooed the US President on his hand. The tattoo which depicts Donald Trump in the pose of Superman can be seen in the image below.


His friends commented on the post saying that having COVID does not necessarily mean dying.

In response to a comment which stated that the man could get it without dying, he claimed: “and then tell me just WHY is our America and Alaska shut down? The answer is to destroy our American economy, create civil unrest and to surrender our nation to the UN….. So. Go ahead and believe the news. Go ahead and believe that the covid is scary. The truth Is it is a political game… and y’all been played!!” In addition to this, the man continued as he wrote: “you have a greater chance of dying in a car accident on the way to Carr’s to get groceries…. put that in the brain blender and hit the go button.”

Tragically, the man was later admitted to hospital where he died of COVID.

According to Twitter User @miniondeathcult, the man later uploaded a second post on Facebook. In this post, he explained that he was fighting COVID complications in the ICU of Providence Hospital. The post read: “A requiem. To all my friends and family and acquaintances. I love you all passionately. My son Timothy, daughter Victoria love ya more than life. All of you have added to my life and character of which I am grateful. Currently I am in Providence Hospital ICU fighting COVID complications. Each day my lungs are getting worse. I may be on the ventilator tonight. That pretty much means the end. My body, heart, and all else is healthy, just my lungs are dying. At peace. I know where I’m going to when it comes. I do hope all y’all know your truth too. Love everyone! President Trump! Fight the hood [sic] fight!! Break down the left’s fraud! Make America Great Again.”

This man’s story should serve as a wake-up call to those who are skeptical of the gravity of COVID and refuse to follow the measures put in place by governments worldwide. Even if you have doubts and believe that the Coronavirus is nothing more than a ‘hoax’, the fact is that thousands of people are dying every single day. Stay safe, wear a mask, protect yourself and your loved ones.

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