Man tweets “I am not ok” and receives support from all over the world

On Friday night, Edmund O’Leary shared his feelings on Twitter, asking fellow Twitter users for help.

After a long and difficult year, O’Leary felt depressed and helpless. One night, the father of two decided to share his feelings on Twitter. He explained that he has been ‘feeling rock bottom’ and asked people to take just a few seconds to say hello. Only shortly after he had posted the tweet, O’Leary began to receive messages of support. These messages came from all over the world as ordinary people, celebrities, and even airports responded to his tweet.

Since Friday, O’Leary’s tweet has been liked over 304,000 times. 

In just a matter of days, O’Leary has received thousands of replies, likes, and retweets showing him that he is not alone. Many have offered support by sending heartfelt messages and wholesome photos and images. Others have praised him for sharing his feelings, saying that he has inspired many to share their own stories. Speaking to BBC about the support he received, O’Leary said:

The whole experience has been absolutely surreal and provides me with a lot of hope. I’ve gone from feeling like a nobody to feeling like a somebody. To have that happen overnight is just surreal, something that most ordinary people have never experienced or will never experience. 

Some of the responses he received can be seen below:

Remember that just like Edmund O’Leary, you too are not alone. 

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