Man raped a 9-year-old girl and dumped her body in the Caribbean Sea

40-year-old Esterlín Francisco Santos has allegedly confessed to the rape and murder of 9-year-old Liz María Sánchez.

Liz María Sánchez’ body was dumped in the Caribbean Sea by the 40-year-old man who had raped and murdered her. Santos had reportedly murdered the girl out of fear that she would speak up about what he had done to her. The young girl was last seen alive on Sunday as at 08:58 CCTV caught footage of Sánchez walking down an alley in the Santo Domingo sector of Ensanche Isabelita.

The CCTV has also captured the moment Santos drove off with the young girl’s dead body hidden in a bag.

At around 11:23 am, Santos was captured driving off on his motorcycle with a large yellow bag. He has allegedly confessed that the little girl’s dead body was hidden inside this bag. According to the Daily Mail, the man has confessed to driving off to the 14 1/4 kilometer marker on Las Americas Highway to dump the bag. Later at around 12:33pm, the man has been captured returning without the bag. Santos has also confessed to filling up the yellow bag with stones and rocks before throwing it into the Caribbean Sea.

Source: Daily Mail

The police is no longer searching for Sánchez’ body.

On Wednesday morning, a search and rescue team looked for the girl in the Caribbean Sea where the man had confessed to have thrown the bag containing her body. Unfortunately, the search had been unsuccessful and has now been called off completely.

Source: Daily Mail

Local residents have displayed their outrage.

Santos’ brutal and unforgivable crimes have caused unrest in the town as the Daily Mail reports that local residents have “burned tires and even set Santo’s [sic] motorcycle on fire in the middle of the street outside his residence”.

The man has been accused of and charged with rape and murder and is set to appear before a judge via video conference.

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