Man pretends to be the cleaner after his date’s husband comes home early

Online dating can be scary and can sometimes even lead to shocking and unexpected experiences, no matter if you’re looking for a casual hookup or for something serious.

Many people get mislead by the person they’re exchanging messages with, while at the same time there are those who are “lucky” enough to meet someone and find that their date is exactly who they expected them to be.

But that’s just one of the starting phases of a date. What comes next takes both parties a little deeper and eventually, they end up in the bedroom.

While this means a happy ending in most people’s minds, in the case of Reddit user HateChemistry it was certainly not… His wonderful date turned out to be a married woman and her husband made an appearance while they were at her home. So she had the genius idea to make him pretend to be the cleaning guy.

HateChemistry shared his bizarre story online:

“Some days ago, I came to know a girl on the Internet. Very Beautiful. After some chat, I felt that we had connected at a deeper level. Yesterday, she asked me to visit her house and said, ‘My husband is on a business trip, and I’m alone at home.”

“I was very cautious and asked, ‘Will your husband suddenly come back?’ She said, ‘No, but just in case he does, you just say that you are from Urban Clap and that your company sent you to clean the house. And then, clean the glass or something. Anyway, the Pongal festival is coming. My husband won’t suspect a thing.”

He continued:

“Fast forward, I was at her house. And what a big coincidence! Not even minutes in the house, her husband came back! And I hadn’t even touched her hand yet…!

“I had to be quiet and pretend to do the cleaning, wiping windows, cleaning the kitchen and the floor. And also tidy the bedrooms and wash the bathrooms. All the while, her husband and her was next to me giving all kinds of ridiculous instructions. When I had finished and was about to leave, her husband asked, ‘How much?’ Even before I could utter a word, she said, ‘I have already paid the company.’

“On the way home, I kept thinking about the whole saga. The more I thought about it, the more I felt DAMN cheated.”

Unsurprisingly, his comment section got mixed reactions. Some blamed him and thought he got what he deserved.

What are your thoughts on this mad situation? Let us know in the comment section below.

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