Man mocked online after trying to sell old sofas that “don’t look that great”

We’ve all heard of false advertising but Daryl Krol takes it to a new level.

Daryl Krol, of Waverley in Sydney’s east, decided it was time to give away his leather furniture set and like a lot of people, he tried to do so on Facebook. According to the Daily Mail, Krol uploaded pictures of the items he wanted to discard and advertised them in the following way:

One one seater recliner and one two seater recliner for free. I’ve had them for ages and we bought a new lounge so they gotta go. They don’t look that great after the leather has been worn. However, they are really really comfortable. Free to a good home. Pick up from Waverley.

Daily Mail
Daily Mail
Daily Mail

Facebook users took the comments section below the photographs, mocking the man’s advertisement.

People were particularly displeased with Krol’s description of the items as not looking “that great” because he has had them “for ages”. Consequently, comments quickly began to pile up with many mocking Krol’s post as they wrote:

  • When you say you’ve had them for ages do you mean the Stone Age and the Iron Age?
    (Damo Larkin)
  • When you’re bored at home during lockdown with a Stanley blade.
    (Gerard Meehan)
  • Maybe the time machine is included as well to take me back to the 80s when they made that thing.
    (Finbarr MacGabhain)

Other users however showed an interest in the leather furniture set.

Nevertheless, Daily Mail has reported that Krol has had several people who were genuinely interested in the items he was offering. Some have commented, asking the man questions in order to receive further information on the items and others have stated that they would like to collect the items ASAP.

Krol has been contacted by Daily Mail Australia for a comment.

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