Man gets full set of nails to teach people how to protect themselves with manicure

A self-defense instructor shows people with long manicures how to throw a punch without hurting themselves. 

Robin, known as Dutchintheusa, uses his social media accounts to show helpful techniques that can get you out of any dangerous situation. We have previously told you about his life-saving tips if an attacker tries to strangle you from the backseat of a car.

Now, the internet’s favorite self-defense instructor has posted a video for those with long nails, who find throwing a punch extremely difficult. What’s more, he has even got his own set of acrylics to show how you can defend yourself by throwing a punch without your fresh manicure getting in the way.


Throwing a punch with acrylics on #womenssafety #selfdefense #safetytips #learnontiktok #FlauntItChallenge

♬ original sound – Dutchintheusa

In his video, the TikToker says making a fist is not an option when you have longer nails. Instead, to hit your attacker, you can use the base of your palm. Alternatively, you can try with the outside edge of your hand.

As Unilad notes, many social media users have praised Robin for his incredible thoughtfulness. His first acrylic nail clip has been viewed more than 11,4 million times on TikTok and thousands of times on Instagram.

One person commented: “It’s the dedication for me.”

Another asked: “I loved this, did you feel fabulous?”

Robin has also posted a follow-up video, explaining how you can escape handcuffs with a manicure.

Although he manages to get himself out of the cuffs despite the long nails, at one point, he questions:

“Why is everything so difficult? Why do you guys wear these things?”


Can you pick a lock with acrylics on? #womensselfdefense #safetytips #learnontiktok #FlauntItChallenge

♬ original sound – Dutchintheusa

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