Man forced pregnant mistress into car before burning her alive – after she refused to have abortion

A 19-year-old Brazilian man has allegedly murdered his girlfriend after she refused to have an abortion.

  • Police in São Paulo, Brazil have arrested the 19-year-old man and his 36-year-old wife who is believed to have helped him burn the woman alive.
  • Ellen Priscila Ferreira was four months pregnant with the baby of the 19-year-old man.
  • Ferreira and her friend Ely Carlos dos Santos were tied up and set on fire on October 17. 
Ellen Priscila Ferreira

The man has been arrested for brutally murdering his pregnant girlfriend and her friend.

Ellen Priscila Ferreira, 24, was four months pregnant with the baby of the 19-year-old man. Ferreira and her friend Ely Carlos dos Santos were burned alive after the man had asked her to abort the child and she had refused. According to the Daily Mail, it is believed that several other people had helped the 19-year-old man commit this gruesome crime. It has further been reported that one of these people was his 36-year-old wife who was also pregnant.

Ely Carlos dos Santos

Police arrested the man and his wife last Thursday.

The 19-year-old suspect and his wife were arrested last Thursday by the police in São Paulo, Brazil. Subsequently, the couple had reportedly confessed and admitted to having orchestrated the crime following Ferreira’s refusal to abort the baby. The man leading the investigation, Paulo de Tarso, explained that throughout his 30 years on the police force, he has never been assigned to such a gruesome crime.

Ellen was pregnant with the man who killed her. He is married, but had a relationship with Ellen. The suspect’s wife was also pregnant. They both wanted Ellen to take the child away, but she did not accept it.

Paulo de Tarso

Two other suspects have also been apprehended.

The police has found two other men who they have arrested and who both deny being involved in the crime. Paulo de Tarso added: “To date, we are not sure how the victims were approached. We know what happened after they were tied to the car. We are trying to prove that the man and the woman, who are married, got together with the other two suspects to commit the crime.”

Police will hold all four suspects in custody for 30 days during the initial investigation.

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