Love Is A Verb. Its Something You Do, Not Only Something That You Feel.

Love is not only a feeling, when it becomes a verb it becomes a state of being.

Many of us forget that saying you love someone just isn’t enough, they will feel the love more if you actually showed them how much you love them.

Love is holding hands and hugging tight. Love is being a pillar when he feels like the whole world is crumbling in on him. Its wiping away tears, and kissing foreheads.

Love is arguing about small things, saying things you don’t mean and then genuinely apologizing because love does not hurt the other.

Love is getting drunk together and listening to old school rock’n’roll, then braving the hangover to make breakfast for him because he got a little too fearless and had way too many tequilas.

Love is being there through the tough times reminding them that its going to be okay. Love is lending an ear and not saying anything.

Love is compromising and spending Christmas with her family and thanks giving with his, even though you’d both prefer not too to do either.

Love is being on call when the man flu hits him, then trying your hardest to perfect his moms chicken soup instead of heating up a can of Campbell’s in the microwave.

Love is kissing each other goodnight, every night because we don’t know how long we have on this earth. Love is holding him in his sleep even though his constant snoring has created dark rings under your eyes. 

Love is putting in 70% when all they can put in is 30%. Love is about helping each other do the best  we can everyday.

Love is trying new diets with her so that she doesn’t do it alone.

Love is kissing him even though he smells as though she’s eaten 3 cloves of garlic.

Love is learning to love the other without condition, exercising self restraint and respecting boundaries. Love is about exploring the soul of the other and learning to love what ever it is that you may find.

Love is about honouring the commitment you’ve made with each other, and working at it everyday no matter how hard it may be. 

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