Living with Borderline Personality Disorder: 5 things to be grateful for

Do you know someone living with Borderline Personality Disorder(BPD)?

Do you suffer from this condition yourself?

Borderline Personality Disorder(BPD) is a mental health issue that affects how a person views themselves and others. It usually includes intense concerns regarding self-image, difficulty controlling emotions, and proneness to unhealthy habits. Mood swings and fear of abandonment are often associated with this condition.

However, despite being viewed as a negative behavioral pattern, BPD also has its benefits, just like many other mental health disorders. For instance, depression can help a person reflect and become more self-aware. Anxiety can serve as a warning sign and make you more alert to possible dangers. In other words, living with a mental health issue such as BPD is not entirely a negative experience – it also bears valuable gifts.

Here are 5 secret benefits of having BPD:

1. You have the ability to sense suppressed emotions.

You are someone who feels so much and so intense that you can easily sense others’ emotions as well. Living with BPD has made you aware of signs most people cannot recognize. For instance, if someone close to you is dealing with anger issues, but refuses to admit it, you can see past the emotional wall they have built and acknowledge their true pain. That’s because you perfectly understand what it’s like to be dealing with feelings you don’t fully understand or emotions you want to hide from the rest of the world.

2. You are highly empathetic.

Since you have a talent for sensing the emotions of others, you also absorb these emotions. Therefore, you are someone who is high on compassion and treats everyone with kindness and empathy. Whenever someone close to you is going through a rough patch, you know exactly what to say to soothe their soul because you understand where their pain is coming from.

3. You are self-aware. 

Even though there are times you find it difficult to control your emotions, it doesn’t mean you are not aware of them. You can recognize every single thing you feel – the joy, the anger, the anxiety, the happiness, the uneasiness. Despite being impulsive and even offhand at times, you can always identify your emotions and be conscious of how they affect your wellbeing.

4. You are passionate and devoted.

Whenever you love, you love with all of your heart. Whenever you are hurt, every single cell of your body is aching. And whenever you are moved by something, you are not afraid to reveal your passionate side and to entirely devote your attention and energy to pursue it. When you put effort into controlling your emotions, you embrace this incredible quality of yours and unlock your true potential. Your natural excitement for the things and people you get inspired by is your true superpower.

5. You form powerful connections.

Your ability to sense others’ emotions, combined with your highly empathetic nature and your remarkable self-awareness, are the perfect qualities for establishing powerful, whole-hearted relationships. Whenever you are fond of someone, you don’t take long until you express your intentions for forming a real connection with them. You are a person who deeply craves meaningful bonds with others, and often fears being abandoned, so your desire to create powerful, even unbreakable relationships is perfectly understandable. Though, sometimes people may feel a little intimidated by your pace.

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