Letting Go Is Always Hard, Even When There’s Nothing Left To Fight For

Letting go isn’t easy.

And moving on is more difficult than some people like to say.

Even when you and your partner are sick of each other, and there’s nothing left to fight for. 

One of the main reasons couples keep dead relationships afloat is the fear of being alone. Let’s be real, we’ve all been there. We have felt a sense of fear when thinking about ending up by ourselves. No matter how toxic the relationship may have been, the idea of two being better than one has kept us going. Because it feels reassuring.

Another reason for people to make peace with being in dysfunctional relationships instead of just moving on is that they have something to gain from them. To some, it’s financial security, while others could see it as an opportunity. This means that some people stick with it in order to gain something in the near or far future.

But no matter the reasons, the truth is only one. 

Choosing to stay in broken relationships means getting accustomed to being unhappy. And before we know it, this can even become what we call normal. We get used to such a life and tell ourselves that it’s the best we can get, without thinking about the consequences.

And in turn, we deny ourselves the life that we always dreamt of. We deny ourselves true love, happiness, and a place where we can be ourselves without being judged 24/7. Because of our fear of the unknown.

People like to say that they love adventures and challenges in life. But in truth, most of us are too scared or just plain lazy to take risks, even if we know that true change requires taking risks.

And the worst part is…Time flies. And before you realize it, you’re looking back on a life never fully lived. 

That is why it is vitally important to stop lying to yourself. To finally get real and face the immovable truth.

That regardless of how much you may fear or feel uncomfortable with something, you have to find the courage to fight for a better life. To take a leap of faith and jump into the boundless sea of opportunity, change, and happiness.

We all have to start trusting our own abilities more and start moving towards the things that we deep inside know will make us happy.

We have to break free from the chains of a toxic relationship and take life into our own hands.

And it is true that some situations are more complicated than others. But, never forget, you can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you want it badly. Because in the end, nothing matters more than living a meaningful, happy, and fulfilled life lived side by side with someone who truly gets you.

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