Just because someone carries their load well, doesn’t mean they’re not struggling

Everyone is carrying a heavy load.

Everyone has a burdening past. And just because some might carry their emotional trauma well, it doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy.

Like it or not, life is not supposed to be easy or careless. If everything was so effortless, how would you learn all the valuable life lessons your pain has taught you? How would you know who to trust, and whose presence to avoid?

The devastating truth is, there is not a single person on this planet that isn’t carrying a little sadness in their souls. That’s exactly why we need to learn how to be more compassionate and kind to one another. Instead of comparing each other’s progress, we can support and root for each other’s success.

In this cruel, judgemental world we live and raise our children in, we need to show more empathy and gentleness.

Everyone you meet, no matter how strong or robust they might appear, carries a heavy load.

Even the most independent, prosperous people are struggling to keep their lives together. In fact, they probably suffer the most, as they are almost always alone on their journey to success. And when you need to handle all the challenges life brings you on your own, you often feel helpless and confused.

Sadly, most of us are guilty of neglecting or cutting someone off, just because we thought they were unfairly treating us. When in fact, they were only battling with their own pain, and they couldn’t handle ours. We distance ourselves from people we think might be toxic, while we could actually help them overcome their agony and fight the toxicity they invited unintentionally in their lives.

Frankly, no one else can completely understand what you’re going through, as you can never fully see others’ pain and agony.

What we all need to realize is that no one’s pain is insignificant or meaningless. We need to understand that different people carry their burdens differently. What seems like a child’s play for you might be incredibly unbearable for someone else, and vice versa.

Besides, no matter how hard we try to fight or deny it, we need to go through it all. Sometimes we need to lose something to understand its real value. This is one of the hardest truths we need to accept and live with. But we actually need to be grateful for these moments of hopelessness and desperation. They are the ones teaching us the most significant lessons in our lives.

It’s your choice whether you believe in the words, “What’s meant to be will always be”, or you prefer the saying, “I’m a master of my own faith”. However, in both cases, this ever-evolving world will test you and will force you to face many difficult challenges. It is entirely up to you how you react to them and how you handle the consequences.

But one thing is for sure: Life will hardly ever make you struggle with something you cannot overcome.

That’s why you need to have more faith in yourself. And in the meantime, you need to show more compassion and love to others around you. They are battling the same fight as you, just in a slightly different scenario.

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